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La La Land 9/27/17 80.80%[20.20/25]        Comments
So it didn't win the Best Picture Oscar after all - thanks a lot, PWC! - but it was still a favorite with critics.
Wings (1927) 2/22/17 57.50%[11.50/20]        Comments
It's a landmark in cinema. It launched stars and set moviemaking on the path toward today. How well do you know Wings?
No Country for Old Men 2/21/17 47.04%[11.76/25]        Comments
Flip a coin, and let's see if you're ready to prove how well you know No Country for Old Men.
Last Emperor, The: 2/7/17 55.93%[16.78/30]        Comments
Bernardo Bertolucci wrote and directed this sprawling epic, giving audiences a rare look at an arc of Chinese history and the man caught up in it.
Schindler's List 1/24/17 46.00%[13.80/30]        Comments
It's Spielberg's striking portrait of a factory owner caught up in the atrocities of the Holocaust.
Birdman or (The Unexpected Virtue of Ignorance) 1/17/17 42.88%[10.72/25]        Comments
It's one of the straaaaaangest Best Picture Oscars ever. See how well you know this hilarious, if trippy, Michael Keaton flick.
American in Paris, An 1/10/17 41.67%[10.00/24]        Comments
Gene Kelly and Leslie Caron positively burst through the screen in the early 50s musical An American in Paris.
2016 Oscars, The: 3/1/16 70.03%[21.01/30]        Comments
Social and political messages came to the fore at the 2016 Academy Awards, which saw notable wins for The Revenant, Mad Max: Fury Road and Spotlight.
2015 Oscars, The: 2/24/15 69.48%[17.37/25]        Comments
See how well you remember the winners, presenters, musical numbers and other shenanigans that punctuated the 87 Academcy Awards.
2015 Oscar Nominees, The: 2/19/15 69.60%[17.40/25]        Comments
Time to test your knowledge of the films, performances and achievements up for Oscar in the 2015 Academy Awards.
Color Purple, The: 8/20/14 83.84%[20.96/25]        Comments
It created Oscars controversy, while launching Whoopi and Oprah to stardom. See how well you remember The Color Purple.
2014 Oscars, The: 3/4/14 61.44%[15.36/25]        Comments
Gravity was the big winner, and we got hints of a rivalry among the 12 Years a Slave team. Kim Novak? Yikes. Bette Midler? Um, okaaaaay......Let's see how well you remember the evening's festivities.
Best Picture Oscar Winners 2/26/14 49.65%[9.93/20]        Comments
To the victors go the spoils. Try to figure out which, if any, of the people/screenplays the given Best Picture winner also won for.
Life of Pi 9/4/13 74.07%[22.22/30]        Comments
Ang Lee turned the once thought-to-be-unfilmable novel Life of Pi into an Oscar winning masterpiece. See how well you remember this remarkable movie.
Titanic (Version 2) 8/14/13 61.60%[18.48/30]        Comments
We love getting quizzes submitted by our readers. Here's one from the lovely and talented Christine on a movie called Titanic. Perhaps you have heard of it.
Argo 2/26/13 58.00%[17.40/30]        Comments
A story of a fake movie used as a vehicle to rescue Americans in real danger, Argo won Best Picture at the 2102 Academy Awards.
2013 Oscars, The: 2/25/13 77.20%[19.30/25]        Comments
Argo, Affleck, Brave and Bond made the biggest impressions on us from the most recent Academy Awards. Test your knowledge of the 2013 Oscars.
Razzie Awards: Worst Picture, The: 2/21/13 52.40%[10.48/20]        Comments
Several obvious selections show up in the nominees for the Razzie Awards Worst Picture. There are a few in there that might surprise you, as well.
Pick the Oscar Winner 2/20/13 67.76%[16.94/25]        Comments
One category. Four options. Three runners-up. One winner. Can you ID the nominee who actually won the Oscar?
2013 Oscar Nominees, The: 2/19/13 75.12%[18.78/25]        Comments
From lead actors to original screenplays, from sound mixing to sound editing, it's time to test your knowledge of the the nominees up for this year's Academy Awards.
Gandhi 8/23/12 52.77%[15.83/30]        Comments
Here's a quiz on one of the more critically acclaimed bio-pics in recent decades. Gandhi won Ben Kingsley an Oscar and featured a number of surprising cameos.
Help, The: 7/11/12 77.16%[19.29/25]        Comments
This book-to-film project was an unexpected box office hit and garnered several Oscar nods. You may be kind, smart and important, but how well do you know The Help?
Chicago 3/10/12 68.52%[17.13/25]        Comments
Who says that murder is not art? This quiz is sure to razzle-dazzle you, even if you are made of cellophane.
Crash 3/4/12 60.04%[15.01/25]        Comments
In two days, many lives intersect unknowingly, intertwining to cause chain reactions touching on social and racial themes.
2012 Oscars, The: 2/27/12 74.10%[22.23/30]        Comments
From red carpet follies to Experiments in Human Taxidermy featuring Nick Nolte, how well do you know the 2012 Academy Awards?
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