How Well Do You Know: Lost, Season 6
A Lost, Season 6 Trivia Quiz
By Josh Spiegel
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Lost, Season 6 Trivia Quiz

The moment we’ve all been waiting for finally arrived: the final season of one of the best and most influential TV series of the new century. Three years ago, this show’s head writers announced that the labyrinthine puzzles would end in 2010, after six seasons on the air. Over that time, we’ve gone backward, forward, and even some new, more unexpected directions. We’ve met countless characters, been made breathless at the multiple twists, game-changing and otherwise. But, now, after all this time, the series has come to a close with an 18-hour season that divided some, but remained as impressive as what came before. As we look back now, some in anger, some in frustration, and some in awe, ask yourself: how well do you know Lost, Season 6?

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