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Lost, Season 6 5/24/10 81.52%[20.38/25]        Comments
Three years ago, this show’s head writers announced that the labyrinthine puzzles would end in 2010, after six seasons on the air.
Lost, Season 5 1/31/10 82.00%[20.50/25]        Comments
From the very beginning of the 16-episode season, the show took no time in confusing everyone, what with the island having moved and some of the characters moving around in time as quickly as walking a few steps.
Lost, Season 4 1/23/10 74.68%[18.67/25]        Comments
We realized that the bearded Jack Shephard had gotten off the island, as did Kate Austen. How did these two get off the island? Who else survived?
Lost, Season 2 Part 2 11/28/09 65.76%[16.44/25]        Comments
Though there were arguably awesome moments sprinkled throughout the season, the whole was not equal to the parts. Still, the second season does get a bad rap, Ana-Lucia aside
Lost, Season 2 Part 1 11/21/09 68.28%[17.07/25]        Comments
The hatch was opened, but Lost was only starting to delve into the fascinating and sometimes bewildering secrets of the island.
Lost, Season 1 Part 2 11/14/09 57.04%[14.26/25]        Comments
It’s a show that surprised and has people going nuts for its encyclopedic references and information.
Lost, Season 1 Part 1 11/7/09 53.76%[13.44/25]        Comments
It briefly redefined television. Before descending into utter silliness, Lost gave us some of the more gripping television episodes we'd seen. Settle in and test your knowledge of the survivors of Oceanic flight 815.
Showing results 1 - 7 of 7

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