How Well Do You Know: Lost, Season 4
A Lost, Season 4 Trivia Quiz
By Josh Spiegel
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Lost, Season 4 Trivia Quiz

It’s groundbreaking, it’s unforgettable, and the fourth season of ABC’s iconic drama “Lost” is perhaps the series’ best. From the very beginning of the strike-shortened 14-episode season, the show took no time in following up from the jaw-dropping Season 3 cliffhanger, in which we realized that the bearded Jack Shephard had gotten off the island, as did Kate Austen. How did these two get off the island? Who else survived? What happened on the island so Jack and Kate were allowed to leave? Some of these questions were answered, but some questions are still up in the air to this day. As we get closer to the series’ final season, why don’t you figure out…How Well Do You Know Lost: Season 4?

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