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Last Starfighter, The: 4/25/18 48.04%[11.53/24]        Comments
It's an 80s classic, in as much as it ripped off a slew of other, better films. Still, it's cool remembering how much fun it was to watch for the first time.
Stranger Things, Season 2 Recap 10/31/17 82.10%[24.63/30]        Comments
Hopper, Mike, Nancy & Steve, the AV club and the Hawkins lab all return for the second season of Stranger Things.
Guardians of the Galaxy 7/19/17 50.79%[12.19/24]        Comments
Marvel struck absolute gold with its most unlikely comic-to-film entrance. Replete with colorful characters, Guardians of the Galaxy took an obscure title and turned it into a new dynamic cornerstone of the MCU.
2001: A Space Odyssey 2/28/17 53.00%[13.25/25]        Comments
It's one of the undeniable classics in both science fiction and all of cinema. Its footprint is still evident in films today. And it's a reminder that computers will in fact one day kill us all.
Spaceballs 7/20/16 59.84%[14.96/25]        Comments
It's one of the great comedy spoofs ever. Never mind when then will be now...let's see how well you know Spaceballs.
World's End, The: 6/1/16 70.79%[16.99/24]        Comments
At last, the quiz for the final film of the Blood and Ice Cream Trilogy. Let's conquer the Golden Mile. Let's have a good time. 'Cause that's what we want to do. We want to get loaded. We want to have a good time. We want to have a party. So, drink up, let's Boo-Boo!
Lucy 5/24/16 69.73%[20.92/30]        Comments
A synthetic drug greatly but rather violent expands the mental and physical abilities of an unsuspecting young woman in Lucy.
Martian, The: 2/23/16 78.77%[23.63/30]        Comments
The Martian garnered multiple Oscar nominations, including Best Picture and Best Actor. Let's see how well you know this terrific space adventure.
Stand, Part 1: The Plague, The: 1/7/16 75.55%[15.11/20]        Comments
Stephen King's massive masterwork The Stand made its way to TVs in the 1990s as a four-part miniseries. Let's see how well you remember it.
Running Man, The: 1/6/16 78.57%[23.57/30]        Comments
Drawing from the worlds of game show hosts, professional wrestlers and ex-NFL stars, The Running Man put a cast of colorful villains in the way of Arnold Schwarzenegger.
Tomorrowland 11/25/15 71.45%[14.29/20]        Comments
An unlikely trio visits an alternate dimension and attempts to change the destructive course the Earth is headed in.
Virtuosity 1/15/15 79.75%[15.95/20]        Comments
It's Denzel vs Russell, Washington vs Crowe in this sci-fi thriller from the 1990s.
Godzilla (2014) 10/14/14 79.43%[23.83/30]        Comments
Breaking Bad's Bryan Cranston and Aaron Taylor-Johnson, that one guy from those other movies, star in a 2014 update of Godzilla. Fire up your atomic breath and try your hand at this Godzilla movie trivia quiz.
Edge of Tomorrow 9/17/14 80.03%[23.21/29]        Comments
Groundhog Day jacked up on wartime adrenaline, Edge of Tomorrow, one of 2014's better action movies, is a film for both fans of Tom Cruise, and those who live to see Tom Cruise beaten to a pulp over and over and over.
Divergent 8/28/14 83.70%[25.11/30]        Comments
Looking to follow the same path as the ultra-successful Hunger Games films, Divergent brings us a tale of a female struggling to break through in an oppressive, rigidly-structured society. Sound familiar?
Snowpiercer 8/6/14 83.30%[24.99/30]        Comments
Snowpiercer was released simultaneously on video-on-demand, as well as in a small number of theaters. In the cinema or at home, audiences sank their teeth into this smart action gem.
Back To The Future Trilogy 4/2/14 58.97%[18.28/31]        Comments
Get ready to go back to the future, and then back to the past, to get back to the present, which is either the future or the past, depending on where you went back to. Got it?
RoboCop 2/11/14 83.47%[25.04/30]        Comments
Paul Verhoeven gave us a darkly comedic vision of the future, and Peter Weller did a great job animating a seemingly lifeless android in this crime blockbuster from the late 1980s.
Pacific Rim 11/21/13 84.76%[21.19/25]        Comments
Charlie Hunnam leads a motley cast in this visually popping, futurist thriller. Spoiler alert: Robots Punch Aliens.
Star Wars Episode III: Revenge of the Sith 10/9/13 69.80%[20.94/30]        Comments
Revenge of the Sith completes the opening trilogy of the Star Wars saga as Jedis, droids and evil, evil dudes see their fates play out.
Star Wars Episode II: Attack of the Clones 10/3/13 75.50%[18.12/24]        Comments
Jake Lloyd, out! (yay!) Hayden Christensen, in! (boo!) No trilogy is complete without a second part, and...that's the best that many can say about this installment in the continuing Star Wars saga.
Congo 9/24/13 80.25%[16.05/20]        Comments
Michael Crichton's jungle-set sci-fi book was a surprise hit back in 1995, bringing in more than $150 million at the box office.
Falling Skies, Season 3 Recap 8/6/13 83.16%[20.79/25]        Comments
The Masons, Pope, Maggie and Weaver all continue to fight the aliens in Falling Skies, Season 3. They are aided by new allies, who they can trust completely. Right? Right???
Firefly Quotes, Part III 1/15/13 82.72%[20.68/25]        Comments
We're going back to the mine of Firefly for another whole bunch of quotes for you to test your noodle on.
Back to the Future II 1/9/13 81.40%[24.42/30]        Comments
Michael J. Fox, Christopher Lloyd and Thomas F. Wilson reprise their roles in this successful, entertaining sequel to the 80s hallmark time-travel comedy.
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