How Well Do You Know: Fringe, Season 3 Recap
A Fringe, Season 3 Recap Trivia Quiz
By Josh Spiegel
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Fringe, Season 3 Recap Trivia Quiz

A few million dedicated fans have stuck with Fringe since the beginning in the hopes that it wouldn't just be another forgettable science-fiction show, but something truly great. While the first two seasons had their ups and downs, the third season--which began with Olivia Dunham stranded in a parallel universe where the Fringe Division is commonplace--is the best season of the show, even though it wasn't perfect. Still, no other show on the networks (or anywhere on television) could boast shocking twists, inventive storytelling, and even an episode done like the Richard Linklater animated film Waking Life like Fringe. But the question is: how well do you know season 3 of Fringe?

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2 Relax and act natural, you should do fine.
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