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Kiki's Delivery Service 5/23/18 68.52%[17.13/25]        Comments
Pancakes - check. Cats - check. A witch - check.
My Neighbor Totoro 5/16/18 57.25%[13.74/24]        Comments
I wish I lived next to a very large catlikething!
Princess Mononoke 5/8/18 61.20%[15.30/25]        Comments
Ghibli. With wolves.
Spirited Away 5/2/18 63.00%[15.75/25]        Comments
It's perhaps Studio Ghibli's best known work. More than 15 years after seeing this film, I still get visions of it in my head.
Ponyo 8/21/11 78.88%[19.72/25]        Comments
Hayao Miyazaki's endearing, trippy animated fantasy Ponyo introduces us to a goldfish who falls in love with a boy and yearns to become human.
Showing results 1 - 5 of 5

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