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How Well Do You Know: The Simpsons: Boy Scoutz ‘N The Hood
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Bart and Milhouse are in the video arcade, about to run out of money. Martin is also there, playing a video game based on what film?
Fanny and Alexander
A Room With A View
Hannah and her Sisters
My Dinner With Andre
Bart and Milhouse go on a Squishee bender, and do all of the following except:
play in the VIP section of a video arcade
toilet paper Springfield Elementary
visit a rub-on tattoo parlour
take in a showing of Cats
Unfortunately for Bart, during his Squishee bender, he enlisted in the Junior Campers. Homer sees this as an opportunity for Bart to learn the importance of:
recognising compulsive behaviour
making sure there’s no way of remembering things you regret
weaselling out of things
boning up on his nerd lessons
According to Principal Skinner, what is not a right but a privilege?
school lunch
Thanks to a surprise test, Bart attends his first Junior Campers meeting where the troop is having a day of good deeds. What good deed day is it?
Sponge Bath the Old Folks Day
Find Homes for Stray Cats Day
Escort Shut-Ins to Church Day
Clear Nails and Glass From The Streets Day
“Everywhere I look, people are enjoying...”
having a father
Don’t Do What Donny Don’t does. What does Donny Don’t not do?
put toothpaste on his knife
play the five-finger knife game
load his knife into a slingshot
stalk the cat
Bart’s merit bardges include all of the following except:
debt collecting
macaroni and cheese
patch forgery
Bart nitpicks the latest Itchy and Scratchy:
Itchy should have tied Scratchy’s tongue with a topline hitch, not a sheet bend
Itchy should have used a splitting axe, not a felling axe
Itchy couldn’t set Scratchy on fire by rubbing two birch sticks together
Scratchy should have helped the old lady across the road and not helped Itchy, an obviously fit mouse
Warren’s dad is in prison, so Flanders has arranged a special celebrity dad for the father-son rafting trip – Ernest Borgnine! He’s sure the kids know him as:
Dominic Santini in the hit TV-series Airwolf
Marty, from his Academy-award winning performance in the movie of the same name
Dutch Engstrom, in The Wild Bunch
Sgt. Fatso Judson in From Here to Eternity
All of the following mishaps happen to the Borgnine party on the camping trip except:
being stalked by shadowy hillbillies
being threatened by a bear
taking a short-cut through an alligator-infested swamp
stumbling across an old, abandoned summer camp and being attacked
Bart, Homer, Flanders and Todd are swept out to sea, but are saved when they come across:
a fishing trawler
a cargo freighter
an oil rig

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