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How Well Do You Know: Spider-Man 2
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I should have studied harder. I barely even looked at the script.

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1. At the start of the movie, Peter Parker is obsessed with which person from the first movie?
His deposed enemy Norman Osborn, AKA The Green Goblin
His somewhat estranged best friend, Harry Osborn
His ex-girlfriend, Mary Jane Watson
His tyrant of a boss, J. Jonah Jameson
2. Mary Jane's first appearance is on a billboard advertising what product?
Emma Rose Parfumerie
Pole-dancing lessons
Sony PlayStation 2
The Daily Bugle
3. What job is Peter Parker performing at the start of the film?
Photographer for The Daily Bugle
Pizza delivery
Pole-dancing teacher
Saving the world for the zillionth time
4. During a pizza delivery, Peter Parker encounters a woman who refuses to pay because her food did not arrive in 30 minutes or less. She later becomes the female lead in which of these shows?
Desperate Housewives
My Name is Earl
5. How many times is Peter Parker fired in the first ten minutes of the movie?
None but he does miss his class
Once and he misses his class
Twice and he misses his class
6. At Peter's birthday party, Harry reveals he has been promoted to what job at Oscorp?
Head of Special Projects
Junior Vice-President
7. What does Mary Jane say to Peter as he is taking out the trash?
I know who you are.
I liked seeing you tonight.
King Kong has nothing on you.
Stop spying on me when I change, pervert.
8. On what does Peter Parker spend his last $20?
Comic books
Mary Jane's present
9. How do both Connor and Dr. Octavius describe Peter Parker?
Brilliant but flighty
Brilliant but lazy
Secretive and odd
Unmotivated but gifted
10. What does Dr. Octavius suggest to improve Peter's love life?
Flowers, candy and force of will
11. What does Peter bring to give Mary Jane at her The Importance of Being Earnest performance?
Box of chocolates
Vermont Teddy Bear
12. Peter runs out of web fluid (eww!) and has to take the elevator down to the ground floor. For what does the other passenger compliment Peter?
Abs of steel
Delicious-smelling pizza
How well he handled the snooty usher
The realistic Spider-Man costume.
13. How many mechanical appendages does Doc Oc have melded with his spine?
No such melding occurs. They are always an attachment.
14. What rare item does Dr. Octavius need to power his artificial limbs?
15. Who or what kills Octavius' wife, Rosalie?
Harry Osborn accidentally electrocutes her.
Peter Parker accidentally electrocutes her.
Shards of glass cleave her.
The tritium reaction's implosion
16. Which of these is not a Daily Bugle-suggested nickname for Doctor Octopus?
Doctor Octopus
Doctor Strange
Eight-Legged Freak
Science Squid
17. Why doesn't Aunt May return home with her free toaster from the bank?
Doc Oc destroys it.
She drops it from the bank's roof.
She fails to make a deposit of at least the appropriate amount.
She gives it to Peter as a birthday present she could afford.
18. Which of these people is never said to watch Mary Jane's play?
Aunt May
Mary Jane's sick mother
Peter Parker
Rosalie Octavius
19. Who does Peter save from a burning building?
A little girl
A trapped fireman
Harry Osborn
Mary Jane's fiancé, John
20. What does the landlord's daughter offer Peter?
Milk and cake
Milk and cookies
No, we are not going to make a joke about sexual propositioning here.
Seriously, this is a family quiz, pervo.
21. What does Mary Jane ask Peter that forces him to lie?
Are you happy for me?
Do you love me?
Do you like my fiancé?
What happened between you and Cake Girl?
22. What does Doc Oc threaten to do to Mary Jane?
Make her the new Mrs. Octavius, since she already has the dress anyway.
Peel the flesh off her bones.
See how far he can throw her in 30 mile-per-hour winds.
What the Cake Girl did with Peter, only with more tentacles.
23. Which of these does J. Jonah Jameson not call Spider-Man?
24. What does a person on the bus say when Spider-Man is unmasked for the first time?
He's not dead, is he?
He's just a kid.
I'd do him.
That guy sold me a pizza!
25. What are Doc Oc's final words?
I am coming home to you, Rosalie.
I will not die a monster.
Peter Parker.
Talented but lazy.

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