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How Well Do You Know: Steven Spielberg Trivia, Part II
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Steven Spielberg quiz

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1. What was the nickname of the mechanical shark used in the original Jaws movie?
2. Of these Spielberg-directed movies, which has the lowest fresh ranking, by far, at
A.I. Artificial Intelligence
War of the Worlds
Empire of the Sun
3. What year served as the title for Spielberg's 1979 World War II spoof?
1979, duh
4. In Part I of our Spielberg film, we asked about the origin of the name of Amblin Entertainment. Here's something (hopefully) easier: The logo of Amblin is derived from which of Spielberg's films?
E.T.: The Extra-Terrestrial
Raiders of the Lost Ark
Close Encounters of the Third Kind
5. Steven is the godfather to Gwyneth Paltrow, and which star of the Charlie's Angels films?
Lucy Liu
Cameron Diaz
Drew Barrymore
Crispin Glover
6. Steven met his current wife Kate Capshaw when they worked together on which of his films?
Jurassic Park
Empire of the Sun
The Sugarland Express
Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom
7. Spielberg's romantic drama Always primarily concerned people with which profession?
Fire fighters
Ski instructors
Air traffic controllers
8. It still rubs many the wrong way that, while Spielberg was named Best Director, Saving Private Ryan lost the best picture Oscar to:
Shakespeare in Love
American Beauty
9. Which of these authors has not had one of his/her works adapted into a Spielberg-directed film?
Alice Walker
H.G. Wells
Cormac McCarthy
Michael Crichton
10. Of these, which is the only film that Spielberg directed and also wrote?
The Color Purple
Close Encounters of the Third Kind
11. The name of Spielberg's first theatrical feature The Sugarland Express is derived from:
The train on which the story takes place
A football play which was the key to the film's climax
Sugar Land, Texas, which was one of the settings for the story
An old pocket watch, for which the main characters searched throughout the film
12. What film garnered Spielberg his first Academy Award nomination of any type (writer/director/producer)?
Close Encounters of the Third Kind
Raiders of the Lost Ark
Star Wars
13. Jaws contains a small but often commented-on factual error. What is it?
The waters off of Amity Island would have been much too cold, even in the summer, for a shark to frequent
Sharks can only make right-hand turns; in the film, the shark is often going to his left
In Quint's speech about the sinking of the USS Indianapolis, he cited the wrong date
You can't really explode a tank of oxygen by firing a gun at it
14. On the tenth anniversary AFI list, 100 Years...100 Movies, how many of Spielberg's films are listed?
15. Which of the four segments of Twilight Zone: The Movie did Spielberg direct?
A Quality of Mercy/Deaths-Head Revisited
It's a Good Life
Kick the Can
Nightmare at 20,000 Feet
16. For which of these films was Spielberg *not* nominated for Best Director at the Academy Awards?
Close Encounters of the Third Kind
The Color Purple
17. Saturday Night Live has spawned a bunch of films over the years. Which SNL film had Spielberg show up in a small role?
Wayne's World
The Blues Brothers
The Ladies' Man
18. Spielberg's first professional TV job was to direct a segment for the 1969 pilot of Night Gallery. The segment, "Eyes," starred which legendary film actress?
Bette Davis
Rita Hayworth
Joan Crawford
Ethel Barrymore
19. Spielberg is strongly rumored to have taken over direction of this film partway through production:
The Goonies
Harry and the Hendersons
20. Talent runs in the Spielberg family. In fact, Steven's sister, Anne, wrote this blockbuster:
3 Men and a Baby
The Rock
Sister Act
21. Spielberg created which of these TV anthology series?
Tales from the Crypt
Amazing Stories
The Outer Limits
22. Stephen Spielberg eventually settled on attending California State College at Long Beach. He had to do this because his grades weren't good enough for him to attend film school where he really wanted, which was:
California Institute of the Arts
23. Spielberg tried to befriend George Lucas after catching a screening of THX 1138 when he was 18. Lucas blew him off until he saw a screening of Duel, held at this noted celebrity's house.
Francis Ford Coppola
Ron Howard
Hugh Hefner
Martin Scorsese
24. George Lucas pitched the idea of Indiana Jones to Steven Spielberg after Spielberg had expressed an interest in directing a film in this franchise:
James Bond
Star Trek
Star Wars
25. Not adjusting for inflation, which of these is Steven Spielberg's least successful film domestically since 1990?
Artificial Intelligence: A.I.
The Terminal

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