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Goodfellas quiz

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#22 is wrong: Buddha was found in the dump truck with Frenchy. Johnny Roastbeef and his wife were left slumped and bloody in the front seat of their new pink Cadillac convertible. Jimmie was pretty upset over him Johnny purchasing it.
cambric 11/23/09 12:23 pm


1. Goodfellas opens with a brief glimpse inside the gangster lifestyle of Henry Hill, in which he is:
taking his girlfriend into a restaurant through the back entrance
hijacking a truck full of shrimp and lobster
pistol-whipping a guy who made a move on his girlfriend
transporting a dead body in the trunk of his car, which turns out not to be so dead
2. Young Henry starts working for mob captain Paulie Cicero. When his parents receive a letter that Henry has been missing school, Paulie and his men threaten Henry’s _________ by sticking his head in a pizza oven
3. Paulie hates ________ and won’t have then in the house.
4. Henry is introduced to a young Jimmy Conway. What does Jimmy love to do more than anything?
5. The first time Henry is arrested, it is for:
bootlegging liquor
selling cigarettes
collecting protection money
running numbers
6. As a result of his arrest, Henry learns the two greatest things in life:
never talk to the cops and always trust the crew
never admit nothing and always have someone else to blame
never rat on your friends and always keep your mouth shut
never let them see you break and always have an escape plan
7. Whenever they needed money, Paulie’s crew would rob:
the banks
the airport
the trucking companies
the government
8. Jimmy Two Times is called ‘Two Times’ because:
whatever you’ve done, he’s done it twice
he says everything twice
he checks everything twice
he has had sex twice
9. Tommy takes offense one night when Henry calls him
a funny guy
a crazy goofball
a stupid moron
a pathetic loser
10. The restaurant that Paulie takes over, bleeds dry and then has torched is called:
the Copacabana
the Bamboo Lounge
the Coconut Grove
the Gothic Castle
11. Henry meets his future wife Karen:
when he is introduces to her by Paulie
when he is dating Janice
on a double date with Tommy
at Jimmy Conway’s wedding
12. Karen is:
13. Henry takes Karen on a date, and their entry to the Copacabana is depicted through a long tracking shot to the tune of:
Leader of the Pack, by the Shangri-Las
My Boyfriend’s Back, by the Angels
Then He Kissed Me, by the Crystals
Will You Love Me Tomorrow, by the Shirelles
14. Appearing at the Copacabana that night is comedian:
Henny Youngman
Jack Benny
Sid Caesar
George Burns
15. Who sends Henry and Karen champagne one night?
Billy Daniels
Tony Bennett
Bobby Vinton
Vic Damone
16. Morrie Kessler owns a:
gambling den
tailor shop
wig store
17. Karen notes that all Paulie’s sons and nephews are called Peter or Paul, and they are all married to girls named:
18. Among the wiseguys, Saturday night is for the ________, Friday night is for the _________:
wives, mistresses
wives, girlfriends
girlfriends, mistresses
girlfriends, wives
19. Henry and Jimmy go down to Tampa to meet someone who owes Paulie money. They threaten to feed him to:
the lions
the alligators
the bears
the sharks
20. Henry and Paulie are sent to the same prison, where they live like kings. What is Paulie’s cooking trademark?
slicing the garlic thin with a razor
marinating the meat for the sauce in milk
using three types of meat in the meatballs
using too many onions
21. Out of prison, Jimmy plans the biggest heist in US history. It is known as:
the Air France Heist
the Eastern Airlines heist
the Lufthansa heist
the Pan Am heist
22. After the heist, Jimmy can’t bear to turn the money over to the guys who stole it. Who is found dead in the pink Cadillac?
Stacks Edwards
Tommy Carbone
Johnny Roastbeef
Joe Buddha
23. And where is Tommy Carbone’s body found?
garbage compactor
meat freezer truck
airport shipping container
in bits and pieces around the airport
24. The discovery of bodies from Jimmy’s incessant whacking is played in montage to which Eric Clapton song?
After Midnight
Sunshine of Your Love
25. Tommy is killed for the Billy Batts murder, among other things, after being fooled into thinking:
he was going to get it on with Karen
he was going to whack someone
he was having a surprise birthday party
he was getting made
26. Tommy is shot:
through the face – no open casket funeral
through the heart – fast and effective
through the gut – because it takes longer and hurts
through the groin – just because
27. While in prison, Henry got into selling drugs to support his family, which he continues in spite of Paulie’s interdiction. Who does he use as a drug mule?
Bernice, the maid
Sandy, the neighbour
Judy, the babysitter
Janice, his mistress
28. On January 11, 1979, Henry is strung out on coke and being followed by a suspicious helicopter. Which is not one of the errands he has to run that day?
pick up his brother from the hospital
have sex with Robin after she mixes the stuff
deliver some thirty-eights to Jimmy
collect some new stuff from his Pittsburgh connection
29. Henry is put into the Witness Protection Program. What was the hardest thing for him?
having to rat on his friends
not being able to walk around where he wants
no decent Italian food
having to leave the life and live like a schnook
30. Bonus Question: In addition to Lorraine Bracco, in her role as Karen, who else won an Oscar for their acting in this movie?
Ray Liotta
Robert De Niro
Joe Pesci
Paul Sorvino

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