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How Well Do You Know: 10/18/19-10/24/19
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1. What's in a (Movie) Name? Part 1: New at the cinemas, fans of comedy/horror were treated to a long-awaited follow-up, with this word in the title:
2. What's in a (Movie) Name? Part 2: Much, much less funny than the new Zombieland was the Willem Dafoe/Robert Pattinson flick, named for this type of structure:
3. It was a happy wedding day for this X-men actress, who wed something named Cooke Maroney over the weekend:
Sophie Turner
Famke Jansen
Halle Berry
Jennifer Lawrence
4. Turning to viral videos, everyone who watched got a kick out of Jerry O'Connell torturing his kids in the car with his rendition of this 1980s classic:
Girls Just Want to Have Fun
When Doves Cry
Karma Chameleon
We're Not Gonna Take It
5. Kids, if you're gonna grow up to be a pop star, don't have a fan pick you up on stage, lest the bozo drop you right then and there. This singer learned this painful lesson the hard way this week:
Lady Gaga
Miley Cyrus
6. New on HBO was the network's plunge into the Watchmen universe, with Sunday's premier episode directed by series creator on TV guru:
Aaron Sorkin
Shonda Rhimes
Damon Lindelof
Ryan Murphy
7. Meanwhile, HBO also began to air a miniseries on Catherine the Great. She stars as Great Cat:
Judi Dench
Helen Mirren
Maggie Smith
Meryl Streep
8. For the love of Jeff, stay far away from this mild-seeming celeb, deemed the world's Most Dangerous Celebrity by McAfee, based on the propensity for searches for the star to land the user on malware sites:
Mandy Moore
Lea Michele
Karlie Kloss
Alexis Bledel
9. Celeb chef heads up a new Netflix food-based reality show, which mentions in its titles all of the following except:
10. This week went from bad to work for this star, as new charges in the Varsity Blues admission scandal were prepared against her, and also her daughters unenrolled from USC - making you wonder what the whole point was, anyway:
Felicity Huffman
Eva Longoria
Lori Loughlin
Kate Mulgrew

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