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How Well Do You Know: Wonder Woman
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1. Diana is an Amazonian child who wants to become a warrior, but Queen Hippolyta forbids it. Who is the woman that chases after her?
Her caretaker
Her tutor
Her nurse
Her servant
2. Antiope asks Hippolyta to let her train Diana until she becomes better than her aunt. What is the one condition Hippolyta requests for Antiope?
Diana must become more powerful than Ares himself
Antiope must take place as Diana’s mother
Diana must never take the God Killer until Ares comes
Diana must never know her own true identity
3. What does Antiope tell Diana before she dies?
Find Ares
Lead the Amazon Army
Fetch the God Killer
Protect Hippolyta
4. The Amazons capture Steve and force him to confess his presence. He was assigned to search in the German Army’s secret weapons stash. Where was he stationed?
Ottoman Empire
Kingdom of Bulgaria
German Empire
5. What’s that below Steve’s bathtub?
His pants
His compass
His cross
His watch
6. Which animal does Diana run into before she jumps toward the tower?
7. How far is the Western Front from Themyscira?
400 mi
300 mi
500 mi
600 mi
8. How many volumes did Diana read on Clio’s Treatises of Bodily Pleasure?
9. Steve and Diana travel to London to deliver Dr. Maru’s book to the Supreme War Council. What is Diana’s first observation about the new world?
People are holding hands
There aren’t many plants and animals
People are wearing different clothes
The country is overridden with “chariots”
10. As Diana fights General Ludendorff’s henchmen, what does she lose?
Her hat
Her shield
Her glasses
Her belt
11. If you can read Dr. Maru’s notebook, you may be fluent in these two languages: Ottoman and which other?
12. Diana and Steve walk into a bar and meet a group of reinforcements: Sameer, Charlie, and Chief. What three languages do Diana and Sameer speak to each other during their first encounter?
Arabic, Urdu, Goth
Italian, Russian, Pashto
French, Icelandic, Esperanto
Spanish, Mandarin, Ancient Greek
13. Which chemical makes Dr. Maru’s mustard gas so lethal and toxic?
14. Diane, Steve and his soldiers head over to No Man’s Land to fight the Germans. Which item did Steve not bring for them?
British tea
Bottles of scotch
Edgar Rice Burroughs novels
German beer
15. During an awesome battle between Diana and the German soldiers, she and Steve walk across No Man’s Land and head toward Veld. Where is the sniper coming from?
The apartment window above a green grocer
The rooftop of a two-story house
The window of a cafe
The bell tower of a church
16. “I haven’t heard him sing in years.” Who is singing while Steve and Diana are dancing?
Sir Patrick
17. Steve goes to the German ball disguised as a soldier and Diana is set on killing Ludendorff. What leads to their eventual capture?
When Dr. Maru notices his fake German accent
When General Ludendorff recognizes Steve with Dr. Maru
When one of the Germans notices Diana’s sword in her dress
They don’t get caught
18. Little do you, well those aren’t history fanatics, know that Erich Ludendorff was loosely based on a real WWI general. When did the real Ludendorff die and how?
In 1933; starvation
In 1937; liver cancer
In 1946; executed for crimes against humanity
In 1918; shot by an American assassin
19. Where do the Germans plan to drop the hydrogen gas bombs?
New York City
20. How wide does the gas reach once the plane containing the bombs crashes?
40 sq mi
45 sq mi
55 sq mi
50 sq mi
21. Steve gets inside the biplane to destroy the chemical bomb. How does he do it?
He crashes into the German battle deck
He shoots the bombs while flying the plane
He drops the bombs onto Ares killing him
He gets into a goose chase with the other German planes and is shot down
22. Diana discovers that Sir Patrick was Ares trying to influence all the German soldiers in continuing the war. What influences Diana into winning the battle with Ares?
When she danced with Steve
When she rescued Steve in Themyscira
When she and Steve conversed after she killed Ludendorff
When Steve confessed his love for her and gave her his watch
23. What better way to bring one of the best DC comic book movies since The Dark Knight than to hire the female director behind:
Zero Dark Thirty
Whale Rider
The Babadook
24. I hope you sat through the end credits for this movie. During the end credits, we get a 30-second recap of Diana’s adventure. Which scene in the movie is not represented in the end credits?
Diana training with Antiope
Diana rescuing Steve
Diana battling at No Man’s Land
Diana going to the German ball
25. Despite being the film called Wonder Woman, how many times does anyone call Diana by that name?
I don’t remember

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