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How Well Do You Know: Gilmore Girls, S05E20: How Many Kropogs to Cape Cod?
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1. The episode opens with both ladies watching ____ in unison, while talking to each other over the phone.
their Roombas
a Tom & Jerry cartoon
a movie
a live webcam broadcast
2. Rory's obsessing about her internship at Mitchum Huntzberger's paper. She spent the previous night looking up information on Mitchum, but still wants to know more. What piece of information does Logan share about his dad?
he's had three mistresses
he wears lifts in his shoes in order to appear taller
he loves Audrey Hepburn movies
he hates peas
3. Luke goes to the Twickham house/museum to help Taylor. What's happened to Taylor?
he broke his arm trying to lift the cannonball off the floor
he became trapped when mannequins fell on him
he chained himself to the flagpole in protest but has lost the key
he accidentally locked himself out of the house
4. Luke agrees to free Taylor under one condition - what?
he never asks Luke for help again
he agrees to sell Twickham house
he never attempts to run a museum again
he pays Luke more rent money every month for the ice cream shop
5. What causes Emily and Richard to panic while having dinner with Rory?
they hear that Lorelai's magazine article is being published and that it contains unflattering stories about Emily
they discover Rory had dinner with Logan's family, and they had not returned the gesture
the maid informs Emily that dinner isn't done yet
they hear that the Huntzbergers weren't very nice to Rory
6. Why does Lorelai wake up Rory in the middle of the night?
she wants to attend Friday night dinner so she can get to know Logan better
she had a nightmare about her, Luke and Emily fighting again
she wants Logan and Rory to double date with her and Luke
she wants Rory's help in smoothing things over with Emily
7. Emily tells Lorelai she may come to the Friday night dinner in which Logan is also attending, but there's a catch:
she is not allowed to speak unless spoken to
she has to arrive late and leave early so she is not there for very long
she has to start attending dinners on a regular basis - no more cherry picking
she needs to break up with Luke, since Emily and Richard still think he is an unsuitable mate
8. Lorelai hears from this person that she and the inn are being talked about positively.
9. Before Logan and Rory arrive, Emily and Richard discuss doing this.
buying a summer property near the Huntzberger's summer house
offering Logan Emily's engagement ring, so he has it "just in case" he needs it
giving Lorelai the silent treatment so she knows her presence is not really welcome
buying Rory a new car that's as nice and fancy as Logan's
10. Emily decides to play dumb, claiming she has no recollection of Lorelai ever ordering this drink at past Friday night dinners.
vodka tonic
whiskey sour
11. Emily and Richard seem obsessed with this part of Logan's attire.
his cufflinks
the creases in his pants
the lapels on his jacket
his shoes
12. Lorelai sees Logan take something of Emily's and replace it with an item that belonged to another rich person. (Oh, those crazy Life and Death Brigade hijinks.) What did Logan take of Emily's?
an antique sewing box
a picture frame
a vase that's been passed to the Gilmores for generations
a small wooden figure from Holland
13. Lorelai, Emily and Richard fight over this after Logan and Rory have left.
Emily's rudeness towards Lorelai during dinner
the way Emily made it obvious that Lorelai was inferior for having been the only person at dinner who didn't attend Yale
the way Emily and Richard were not so subtly pushing Rory and Logan towards marriage
the way they gushed about Logan's "horrible" parents
14. Lorelai discusses her meeting with Mike Armstrong with this person.
15. What do Sookie and Lorelai consider to be a major perk of selling the inn to Mike Armstrong's group?
the travelling involved in getting to train others how to run their inns
the business cards they would receive
the huge amount of money they've been offered for the Dragonfly
the prestige it would bring the inn and the bragging rights it would give them

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