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How Well Do You Know: Gilmore Girls, S05E09: Emily Says Hello
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1. Lorelai is about to head into Doose's when she finds this person standing outside, asking her for help.
2. Paris is taking her position as Religion Beat reporter very seriously. What's she doing?
fasting for Ramadan
going to divinity school
becoming a Buddhist
abstaining from all junk food for Lent
3. Lorelai calls Rory, and she's very excited about this particular call she's making. Why?
she is excited to be skipping Friday night dinner this week
she's calling from her bedroom, with Luke asleep beside her
she's calling from the diner phone, standing behind the counter
she has juicy gossip about Babette and Morey
4. TJ asks to take a shower at Luke's place, as his and Liz's new house has no water. What happened that caused the demolition of the bathroom?
the roof caved in
Liz broke the water valve trying to fix it herself
the toilet fell through the floor
TJ had issues installing a towel rack
5. What name does Michel call the thieving couple from Massachusetts who pilfer items whenever they visit?
the Massachusetts marauders
the bathrobe bandits
the towel thieves
the dirty shoplifters
6. An earlier conversation with Sookie results in Lorelai calling this person to catch up.
Max Medina
Jason Stiles
7. According to Emily, this occurrence at a charity dinner she and Richard attended was a clear sign that he has "moved on".
he didn't hand her the butter dish after buttering his own roll
he didn't offer to get her a drink refill at the bar
he didn't look over at her once during dinner
he didn't pass her the steak knife so she could slice the meat on her plate
8. What lie does Lorelai tell Rory at lunch, after Christopher‘s hasty exit?
she called Christopher first
Christopher expressed interest in seeing Rory
Luke was fine with her meeting Chris for lunch
she's planning on having lunch next time with Christopher AND Luke
9. Jackson's freaking out because this item was left on the front steps of his house.
a bag filed with dog poop
a big ribbon
a giant pair of scissors
a pro-Taylor yard sign
10. Emily threatens to do this if Lorelai doesn't drop everything and come to the house to help her mother pick out an outfit for a date.
book a DAR function at the Dragonfly every weekend until Emily dies
visit every weekend
stop paying Rory's tuition
call Luke once again for another golf outing with Richard
11. How does Miss Patty get Jackson inside her dance studio so the town meeting can begin?
she tells him her accompianist has passed out and needs help
she says that Kirk is stuck in the piano
she lies about Sookie's presence inside the studio
she asks him to change a lightbulb in the dark studio
12. Luke is secretly jealous over Lorelai spending time with Christopher. Who does he talk to about this?
13. Who does Rory talk to about her breakup with Dean and the fact that Christopher is now back in her life?
14. Lorelai seems to make a conscious choice to do (or not do) something now that her date with Luke is over - what?
she calls Luke to discuss his jealousy issue
she doesn't pick up the phone when Christopher leaves her a message
she calls Rory to apologize for the events at lunch
she calls Emily to see how the date went
15. Emily has a nice night out with a man named Simon. What happens at the end of the date?
she spends the night with Simon
she picks up the phone to call Richard
she gets in her car and drives to Simon's house
she cries once inside her house

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