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How Well Do You Know: Bad Moms
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1. What does busy mom Amy Mitchell say is the one thing she's good at these days?
being late
forgetting to pack her kids' lunches
losing her mind
2. Which of the following does not happen to Amy before she snaps at the PTA meeting?
she catches her husband in, um, a compromising position in a video chat
her dog gets vertigo
her son throws up on her business presentation paperwork
she hits a car while driving and loses her side mirror
3. What was the topic of the emergency PTA meeting?
PTA president Gwen's inability to get VIP parking in the school parking lot
the school dress code - the clothes are too prudish for middle schoolers
the bake sale, which is "full of toxic ingredients"
the cold reception Gwen gets from the school receptionists
4. Amy bonds at the bar with fellow moms Kiki and Carla. Kiki admits that her biggest "mom fantasy" involves this.
getting kidnapped
ending up in prison
getting amnesia
getting into a car accident
5. Amy, Claire and Kiki ditch their responsibilities for the day and go to movies and out to lunch. Amy admits her marriage is dead after:
quizzing Claire on life as a single mother/divorcee
seeing a happy couple walking by
the ladies run into Mike and he and Amy have an awkward conversation about the kids
noticing an attractive man looking at her from across the restaurant
6. Amy and her daughter Jane play hooky, going to ______ rather than to Jane's Mandarin class.
a spa
the gym
a movie theater
a park
7. While getting ready for a night out on the town, Claire seems to traumatize Kiki with a story about male genitalia. What article of clothing does Claire use in her story to get her point across?
8. Who does Amy run into at the club?
her husband and his mistress
the babysitter
single dad Jessie, whose daughter goes to school with Amy's kids
Gwendolyn and her "mom gang"
9. Amy kisses Jessie after he tells her this.
he's waging a war against Gwen as well
her husband was known for hitting on the moms in the pick-up line after school
she's raised kids who are genuinely nice people
she still looks like she's 21
10. Amy announces she's running against Gwendolyn for PTA president after discovering Gwen is the reason why ______.
Jessie has stopped talking to her
Dylan keeps getting detention
Jane didn't start in her soccer game
her car was towed from the school parking lot
11. Amy's dismayed when she discovers Gwendolyn planned a competing party on the night of Amy's "meet the candidate" party. Gwen's party had a "secret weapon": _____.
Oprah Winfrey
Channing Tatum
Michael Bublé
Martha Stewart
12. Moms flock over to Amy's party after being promised "shitty wine" instead of having to listen to Gwen talk incessantly about ______.
year-round schooling
mandatory community service for high school students
canceling all after-school activities
13. Amy and her husband are _______ when they decide to end their marriage.
at Jane's soccer game
in a marriage counselor's office
on a date
folding laundry
14. Shortly after deciding to divorce her husband, Amy discovers she's being fired. What does her boss give her as a parting gift?
a $10 bill
a picture of himself
a small bag of coffee
a letter staying that she's being sued
By way of explanation.....
4 oz of coffee. He couldn't even splurge for the big bag!
15. Amy's day goes from bad to worse after her daughter is suspended. Why is Jane suspended?
marijuana was found in her locker
she was find in a compromising position with a boy in the girls bathroom
a note was find, indicating she was sleeping with her algebra teacher
she cursed at the principal
16. Shortly after winning the PTA election, Amy finds Gwendolyn sobbing in her Range Rover. Gwen admits to having a less-than-perfect life. Which of the following is NOT one of Gwen's admissions?
her husband was arrested for embezzling from a children's charity
she's addicted to Vicodin
she thinks her brother-in-law joined ISIS
one of her breast implants has started to deflate
17. Amy's life is seemingly taking a turn for the better. Which of the following does not happen?
her former boss calls her and begs her to come back to work
her ex-husband starts paying alimony
her son cooks her breakfast
Jessie invites himself over so he can pamper her
18. Gwendolyn invites Amy, Kiki and Carla to spend the day with her ______.
drinking martinis
flying anywhere they want on her husband's airplane
at a male strip club
shopping at the mall

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