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How Well Do You Know: Gilmore Girls, S04E20: Luke Can See Her Face
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1. Lorelai is not pleased when she sees this on her front porch.
flowers from Jason
a stray cat
an eviction notice
a skunk
2. Why is Lorelai sitting outside the diner at 5:00 am?
she has an early morning appointment with Taylor
she can't sleep and ran out of coffee at her house
Jason woke her up with a drunk dial call
she was wound up after painting her living room
3. Luke makes a deal with Lorelai - he will take a tour of the inn if she _____.
goes home and takes a nap
switches to decaf coffee for the day
stops referring to him as one of the inn's investors
eats a bowl of oatmeal
4. Michel is not amused that he doesn't have a desk and has to sit on the floor to conduct business. He's also not amused that:
he still doesn't have any business cards
Tom the contractor refers to him as "the help"
Lorelai left herself 25 voicemail messages and he is the one who listened to them
Sookie DOES have a desk
5. Lorelai introduces Luke as her "special friend" after Sookie tries setting her up with:
Jackson's brother
one of the construction workers working at the inn
her recently widowed cousin
the inn's poultry supplier
6. Lorelai mentioned her breakup with Jason, but Luke wasn't surprised. Why had Luke assumed that Lorelai was seeing someone?
she never dressed weather-appropriate
she was flirtier than usual
she once called Luke "Jason"
she hasn't been to Luke's as frequently, as she had been sending the night at Jason's
7. Sookie and Lorelai overhear a fight between these two people while working late at the inn.
Dean and Lindsay
Tom and Dean
Luke and Jess
Michel and his girlfriend
8. Luke's listening to the self help tape in his truck where no-one else can hear it, so he's surprised to see ________ waiting for him outside his truck.
Liz and TJ
9. Lorelai and Luke discuss Liz and TJ's wedding while also:
complaining about the rainy weather
discussing their pathetic love lives
comparing the length of their to-do lists
going through pictures of Luke during his childhood
10. Asher is rushed to the hospital with angina, and Paris is not dealing with it well. What example does Paris give Rory as to illustrate that Asher is old?
his favorite gelato flavor is vanilla
he still uses a rotary phone
he wears tweed blazers
his favorite singer is Tony Bennett
By way of explanation.....
Vanilla is an old flavor, according to Paris.
11. Asher introduces Paris and Rory to this person as they are leaving the hospital.
his ex-wife
his cardiologist
his last girlfriend - now a senior at Yale
his granddaughter
12. Jess and TJ get into a fistfight at the bachelor party after Jess refuses this request of TJ's.
make a toast at the wedding reception
walk Liz down the aisle at the wedding
wear a suit to the wedding
read a poem during the wedding ceremony
13. Lorelai, Sookie and Michel decide not to stress so much about inn details while visiting with Jackson. Where IS Jackson?
the hospital
the zucchini patch
Davey's bedroom
the horse stables
14. Jess admits this to Luke after the fight at the strip club.
he thinks Luke and Lorelai would make a good couple
he misses living in Stars Hollow
he didn't want to come back to Stars Hollow because of Rory
he and his father are estranged
15. What does Luke do after asking Lorelai to be his date for Liz's wedding?
goes to a store to buy a new suit
sends Lorelai flowers at the inn
continues listening to the self help tape
gives Jess the self-help book and tape he is now done with

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