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How Well Do You Know: Three Men and a Baby
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1. We are introduced to Peter (Tom Selleck), Michael (Steve Guttenberg) and Jack (Ted Danson) during what event at their apartment?
Jack's engagement party
Peter's birthday party
a party celebrating Michael's promotion at work
the men's New Year's Eve celebration
2. Jack is on his way to Turkey for 10 weeks, as part of his job as:
an insurance salesman
an actor
a photographer
a personal assistant
3. Peter and Michael are overwhelmed when they find baby Mary left on their doorstep with a note saying she is Peter's daughter. While Michael tries in vain to stop Mary from crying, Peter has difficulty:
finding a store that sells baby supplies
deciding what size clothes she would wear
finding contact information for Sylvia, Mary's mother
buying baby food
4. Despite being in way over their heads taking care of a baby, Peter and Michael are reluctant to ask for help - why?
Jack had mentioned that a package being delivered to the house was a "delicate situation", and they mistakenly believe he is referring to baby Mary
they believe that caring for a baby without help will help them meet attractive women
they don't want to admit to anyone that they have no idea how to care for a baby
the baby is Jack's, so they feel he should be the one who decides whether help is needed
5. Mary's appearance in their lives affects Peter and Michael's work. What do they do for a living, respectively?
sports columnist and comedian
stock broker and journalist
architect and cartoonist
taxi driver and jazz musician
6. What is the name of the cartoon character Michael draws?
Choo Choo Charlotte
Johnny Cool
Rick Roll
Gerard the Giraffe
7. Two strange men show up at the apartment looking for their "package". Peter and Michael give them the baby, then realize that wasn't the package they were there to collect, after:
they receive a call from the friend who asked to have the package delivered there
Peter finds the actual package stuffed between the couch cushions
Michael sees the strange men leave Mary on the side of the road
Sylvia calls looking for Mary
8. The guys get a visit from a Narcotics detective after getting Mary back from the strange men. While Peter is trying to steal the detective, Michael is trying to find a place to hide the drugs. Where does he hide them?
inside his Johnny Cool puppet
in the dishwasher
in Mary's diaper
in an empty wine bottle
9. Peter and Michael arrive home from important meetings to find:
Mary is missing
the apartment has been ransacked and the babysitter tied up
Mary's mother is calling, trying to get in touch with Jack
Jack is home, confused about why there is a baby in the house
10. What does Peter read to Mary to get her to fall asleep?
The Wall Street Journal
Good Housekeeping
Sports Illustrated
11. Jack arrives home, and after discovering he has a daughter, calls in reinforcements, namely ______.
his girlfriend
his mother
his fourth grade teacher
his sister
By way of explanation.....
his mother refuses to take Mary, saying he needs to face his responsibility instead of running away from it
12. Michael and Peter leave their dates at ________ when they cannot get ahold of Jack, who is alone in the apartment watching Mary.
a Yankees game
a cabin in the middle of nowhere
the opera
an auction house
13. Why didn't Jack answer the phone when Peter called from the opera?
he and Mary were in the shower
he was unsuccessfully trying to put together a baby walker
he was out shopping with Mary
he was showing Mary off to the new (attractive female) neighbors
14. Jack, Michael and Peter set up the drug dealers, resulting in their arrest by the narcotics squad. Where does the setup take place?
the studio where Jack is filming a commercial
Central Park
the construction site of the building Peter is designing
a subway station
15. The set up nearly goes awry when:
Michael drives to the wrong construction site
Jack turns the wrong service elevator off
the narcotics officer refuses to listen to Jack's phone call and won't drive to the site
the criminals grab Mary and hold her hostage
16. The men realize that there is a benefit to having Mary around - what?
she is a "chick magnet"
people let them cut to the front of lines when Mary starts fussing
she is teaching them about patience
she gives them a good excuse to see animated movies at the movie theater
17. What song do the men sing to Mary when she has trouble getting to sleep in the middle of the night?
Isn't She Lovely
I Will Always Love You
I Wanna Hold Your Hand
Goodnight Sweetheart, Goodnight
18. Sylvia, Mary's mom, arrives to take Mary back to London with her. The guys go after Mary and Sylvia after:
Jack admits that he misses Mary
Jack realizes that he is in love with Sylvia
Michael begs Jack and Peter to go see them off at the airport
Peter finds a bag of Mary's toys left behind in the apartment
19. The men arrive at the gate as Sylvia and Mary's flight is departing, but their sadness is short-lived. Why?
Sylvia calls mid-flight to say she's on her way back to NYC
They arrive home to find Sylvia and Mary waiting for them
Sylvia sends pictures of Mary to the guys
a video tape arrives of Mary saying the word "Daddy"
20. Sylvia asks for help in taking care of Mary, and the men agree - with one exception. Who is the holdout who doesn't want to be just "Mary's babysitter"?
trick question - they all agree to Sylvia's terms

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