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How Well Do You Know: Gilmore Girls, S03E02: Haunted Leg
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1. Rory tries to get Emily and Lorelai on friendly terms at Friday night dinner, as things are still tense because of the events of the last dinner. What finally breaks the ice between the two elder Gilmore ladies?
Lorelai reads in the newspaper that a childhood friend murdered her husband
Emily teases Richard about his mother, Trix, and Lorelai jumps right in
Lorelai insults Emily's new maid
Rory tells a dirty joke
2. Lorelai wishes she could have a "good", different or impressive illness like a "haunted leg", as opposed to something boring like:
food poisoning
the flu
an ear infection
a cold
3. Kirk stops by the inn to deliver wedding photos to Sookie. He stays for another reason - what?
he needs a woman's opinion on how to deal with his mother
he is meeting his blind date at the inn
he is looking for yet another job and hopes Lorelai can help
he asks Lorelai out to dinner
4. Rory wakes up on the morning of her last first-day of high school, to find Lorelai waiting in her room with something for her. What does Lorelai give Rory?
a new video camera, so she can record every moment of her last year as a"kid"
a bill, breaking down how much Rory has cost Lorelai over the last 17 years
keys to her "new" car
a packet of Tums to handle the stress that will be coming this year
5. After Lorelai asks for Rory's help in letting Kirk down nicely, Rory shares a bit of news with Lorelai - what?
she's been accepted into the Chilton Honor Society
Emily is coming to her swearing-in ceremony at Chilton that afternoon
she is thinking about having sex with Dean
Headmaster Charleston has requested Lorelai's help with another Booster Club fundraiser
6. Lorelai wants Rory to remember three things while she's up on stage getting sworn in as Vice-President. Which of the following is NOT one of them?
"I love you."
"You're in a skirt, keep your knees closed."
"Don't slouch."
"You're the greatest kid in the world."
7. What does Emily do before leaving Rory's ceremony?
she yells at Lorelai for leaving the last dinner without saying a word
she asks Lorelai to stop by the house on the way home from Chilton
she invites Lorelai to lunch at Luke's the next day
she expresses her displeasure to Headmaster Charleston about the acoustics in the auditorium during the ceremony
8. Paris is now Student Body President, and she has some major plans. What's the first thing she is planning on doing as President?
making after-school study sessions mandatory
hiring someone to monitor the amount of makeup worn by students
asking for student donations to the Senior Class fund
calling for the 93-year old librarian's resignation
9. What is Sookie complaining about to Lorelai?
her wedding photos came out horribly
inn patrons asked for a vegetarian meal to be prepared
Jackson wants to start trying for a baby asap and she wants to enjoy the "honeymoon phase"
the produce Jackson's been selling her since they got married is not very good
10. Mean girl Francie pulls Rory into the bathroom and bullies her into talking to Paris about an issue that's important to Francie. Rory asks why Francie doesn't just talk to Paris herself; Francie compares talking to Paris to - what?
trying on bathing suits in December
fixing a toilet
walking a dog during a tornado
being escorted around town by a blind person
By way of explanation.....
"frustrating, fruitless, and a complete waste of time"
11. What is the issue that Francie wants Rory's help in getting passed?
more school dances
shorter skirt hemlines
less expensive school lunches
a paint job for the school's interior
12. Lorelai doesn't believe Emily when she says that there was no ulterior motive for wanting to have lunch at Luke's with Lorelai, that she just wanted to spend time alone with her daughter. As it turns out, her hunch was correct - why did Emily want to have lunch with Lorelai?
Emily and Richard had decided not to pay for Rory's tuition unless Lorelai reconciles with Christopher
she needed to discuss having further D.A.R. events at the inn
Emily had called Christopher, and wanted to convince Lorelai to be with him
she wanted to talk to someone about her difficult marriage to Richard, and figured Lorelai would understand
13. Emily is frazzled when letting Rory and Emily into the house for dinner, and Lorelai wants to know why. What IS Emily's problem?
Richard made a crack about her not being able to keep a maid, which is unfortunate as the current maid is truly incompetent
A gift from Trix has been misplaced, and of course Trix wants to see proof it's being displayed in the house
Dinner isn't ready, as Emily forgot it was Friday
She is so upset with Lorelai from their earlier conversation that she is having trouble being in the same room as Lorelai
14. Christopher shows up unannounced to Friday night dinner, and fights with Lorelai and Rory about the fact he's been shut out of their lives. He winds up leaving just as suddenly as he arrived, thanks to:
the incompetent maid
15. Lorelai runs into Kirk outside of Doose's, and she gently turns down his date. He wonders if his question only seconds earlier was too personal, and that's what swayed her opinion. What did he ask her?
"What size pants do you wear?"
"Are you frightened by sudden movements or loud noises?"
"How much closet space is in your house?"
"Are you allergic to tuna?"

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