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How Well Do You Know: Gilmore Girls, S01E15: Christopher Returns
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1. Christopher tells Lorelai that Rory's a great kid - he wishes he saw more of himself in her, other than their similar:
left earlobes
big toes
2. After telling Lorelai about his newfound business success, Christopher is dismayed that _____ has more faith in him than Lorelai does.
"the guy who runs the supermarket"
3. Why is Christopher in Stars Hollow (for the first time)?
he is moving back to Hartford
he wants to be more involved in Rory's life
he is looking to buy a place in Stars Hollow
he is dating a woman who lives in the next town over
4. Kirk taunts Dean and Luke's softball playing abilities from the stands, but runs away saying he's getting a page after:
Dean invites him onto the field to play a game with them
Luke starts chasing him
he gets hit in the arm with a foul ball
his mother calls him on his cell, needing him to come home
5. Al's Pancake World hasn't served pancakes in years - Al switched over to international cuisine years ago. Why did he keep the name?
there was already an "Al's House of International Cuisine"
the town voted to keep the name - Stars Hollow doesn't deal well with change
he was at the top of the phone book restaurant listings with his current business name
he had a lot of "Al's Pancake World" napkins already printed
6. Christopher's arrival in Stars Hollow is big news. There is a discussion among Jackson and Andrew over who Christopher looks like. Which of the following actors is not mentioned as a possibility?
Brad Pitt
George Clooney
Billy Crudup
Leonardo DiCaprio
7. Christopher takes Rory to the bookstore and offers to purchase her "dream book" to remember the visit by. What does she choose?
Compact Oxford English Dictionary
On the Road by Jack Kerouac
Gray's Anatomy of the Human Body
The Lovely Bones by Alice Sebold
8. Christopher receives a phone call while with Lorelai and Rory at Luke's - who is calling?
Christopher's boss in CA
Francine, Christopher's mother
9. Emily and Richard gush over Christopher, telling Rory they hope she has inherited his musical talent. Lorelai says that neither one of them has any musical talent. When Christopher begs to differ, Lorelai laughs, telling him the only musical talent he has is:
playing "Chopsticks" on a giant piano like in the movie "Big"
singing a few off-key songs in the shower
knowing the opening lick to "Smoke on the Water" on the guitar
embarrassing attempts at drunken karaoke
10. Christopher's parents, Straub and Francine, have been invited to Friday night dinner as well. When Rory is introduced to the grandparents she hasn't seen since she was a baby, she:
hugs them
freezes up, unable to speak
blows Francine a kiss
11. So, the Haydens haven't even been at the Gilmore house for 5 minutes and it's already tense and uncomfortable. Straub makes a comment that indirectly insults Rory, and Lorelai responds by:
accusing Straub of letting himself go
ranting about rich people and their "crappy attitude" towards those less privileged
announcing that she hates President George W. Bush
telling Christopher she loves him
12. Straub accuses Lorelai of ruining Christopher's life and chance at college and business success, and he and Francine leave when:
Rory says she's glad she never got to know them
Richard grabs him and nearly comes to blows with him
Emily announces that dinner is over
Christopher tells Straub he was a horrible father
13. Lorelai thanks Richard for defending her to Straub, and Richard lashes out at her. He reopens old wounds from the past - her getting pregnant, her leaving when Rory was a baby and treating him and Emily "like lepers" - and informs Lorelai that:
Emily didn't get out of bed for a month when Lorelai left with baby Rory
he and Emily hired a private investigator to search for her after she left with Rory
she was scheduled to receive a sizable amount of money from a trust fund if she had married Christopher
Richard and Emily looked into adopting Rory and raising her as their own daughter, had Lorelai been an unfit mother
14. Emily finds a sad and confused Rory hanging out in the kitchen. She tells Rory that Straub is a "big ass", and that:
in the list of disappointments discussed at dinner, Rory's existence is not and will never be included in that list
she bets that someday, Rory will want to have a relationship with Straub and Francine
she agrees with Lorelai that marrying Christopher as a teenager would have been a bad idea
she admired Richard for standing up for his family the way he did
15. Lorelai and Christopher, hiding out on the secluded balcony, discuss the stuff they used to do out there, away from their parents. Which of the following was not mentioned?
sneaking Richard's telescope to scan the skies for alien ships
trying marijuana for the first time
scanning the neighbors' houses for naked people
conceiving Rory
16. Lorelai sleeps with Christopher on the balcony once again, then freaks out, saying it was the next-to-last thing she expected to happen tonight. The last thing she expected to happen was ______.
Emily turning into Mother Teresa and Richard turning into Mr. Rogers before her very eyes
a Sephora truck overturning on the highway in front of her, scattering "free" products everywhere
Christopher turning into an involved father
A holy saint guy riding down on a flaming chariot from heaven to announce Armageddon
17. The morning after the disastrous dinner and the sex with Christopher, Lorelai wakes up in a panic after realizing:
they left the condom wrapper on the balcony
she was supposed to help Luke paint the diner last night
they neglected to use birth control
Christopher's motorcycle is still at Emily and Richard's - he came home with Rory and Lorelai in their car
18. Lorelai discusses her frustration about the events of the previous night and her letting Luke down. Christopher responds by:
proposing to her
asking to move in with her and Rory
telling her he's moving back to Connecticut
offering to trade in his bike for a reliable "family car"
19. Christopher and Lorelai fight over their levels of maturity by bringing up:
Saturday morning cartoons
their favorite bands
the "best parts" of PeeWee's Playhouse
childhood stuffed animals
By way of explanation.....
Christopher loves The Offspring; Lorelai loves Metallica
20. Lorelai manages to right one wrong by:
calling Richard to apologize for past transgressions
telling Christopher that although she won't marry him, she does love him and probably always will
painting Luke's Diner by herself
bringing Rory to Straub and Francine's house so she can get to know her other grandparents

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