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How Well Do You Know: Gilmore Girls, S01E03: Kill Me Now
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1. Lorelai can't figure out how Richard could possibly confuse 2 of his and Emily's former cooks - why?
they were 2 different races
one was male and one was female
one was skinny and one was obese
one spoke English and one did not
By way of explanation.....
Anton and Sophia were the cooks he couldn't keep straight.
2. Rory is stressed out because Chilton requires all students to ________, something she does not want to do.
be involved in a team sport
go to the homecoming dance
pair up with a student mentor
raise money for the scholarship fund
3. Emily volunteers Richard to teach Rory this sport.
4. Lorelai mentions to an inn patron that the inn's masseuse bears a striking resemblance to...who?
Harrison Ford
George Clooney
Antonio Banderas
Brad Pitt
5. Emily warns Richard before his first golf lesson with Rory that:
he had better keep his lecherous friends away from innocent Rory, or else
he needs to make sure Rory does well - and if he needs to cheat or fudge the scorecard to make that happen, so be it
Lorelai will expect this to go poorly, so he'd better do everything in his power to make sure Lorelai is proved wrong
he had better be nice to her, making it a pleasant day - it is her first chance to show Rory off at the club
6. Richard asks Rory what she knows about golf. Her response?
"...that it's a good walk spoiled?"
"It involves funny pants."
"Tiger Woods is really good."
"A hole-in-one in the clown's mouth gets you a free game."
7. Sookie is upset at Jackson because he dared to:
offer his opinion on what would make her risotto "better"
suggest he had more loyal customers than her
deliver blueberries instead of strawberries - how is she going to make strawberry shortcake with blueberries?
try passing off seeded grapes as the seedless variety
8. Michel, Lorelai and Sookie are unnerved by watching the 2 sets of soon-to-be-betrothed twins together. Michel says he has no problem telling the men apart, until Sookie discovers:
he had in fact been calling them by the wrong names for days
he placed a post-it note on the back of one of the twins
he "accidentally" cut one of the twins on the arm with a letter owner, giving him a reason to wear an identifying band-aid
he placed a secret tracking device on one of the twins
9. Richard and Rory discuss her desire to travel. Rory tells Richard she really wants to visit:
10. After initially refusing to help with an animal delivery at the inn, Michel admits to Lorelai that:
his mother left his father (and, by extension, him) for a zookeeper
he is deathly afraid of horses
he is allergic to anything with feathers
he was attacked by a band of swans as a boy
By way of explanation.....
Lorelai: "Was it an all-boy band - kind of a scary, feathery N'Sync kind of fiasco?"
11. Richard and Rory bond at lunch after:
Rory fills him on gossip she overheard in the steam room
Rory tells him she really loves golf
the women at the club tell Richard that Rory fits right in at the club
Rory asks if she can join the club
12. Lorelai is surprised to hear that Rory had a good time at the club golfing with Richard, and is also surprised to hear:
Emily joined them and Rory had fun with her too
Rory using the word "quite" in conversation
Rory ask to go back so she can improve her golf game
Rory discussing how much she loved caviar
13. Babette visits Lorelai and Rory, asking for some vegetable oil and a shoehorn so she can:
go sledding
oil Morey's tuba
get her cat out from under the porch
get into her stilettos
14. Lorelai tries getting out of Friday night dinner, saying that Rory's golf outing with Richard counted as a dinner. When Rory says she wants to go to dinner on Friday night, Lorelai responds by getting upset over:
Rory wearing one of her sweaters
Emily calling to say "I told you so"
Rory using her old golf clubs that were being stored at Richard and Emily's house
Rory putting a dent in her car door
15. The Gilmore girls' sweater fight turns into a battle over which important topic?
whether Justin Timberlake and Britney Spears will ever get married
whether Lorelai should highlight her hair
which of the two has a bigger bust
how many pairs of shoes are "too many"
16. Sookie chases Jackson down the street after he:
discovers her buying strawberries from a competing vendor
tells her she needs a way to deal with stress
accuses her of being mentally unhinged
tries selling her more blueberries
17. The unhappy mother involved in the inn's double wedding is thrilled to report to Lorelai the news that:
she is going to be a grandmother twice over
her ex-husband will be paying for the wedding
her daughters and their husbands are moving far away from her
her daughters actually thanked her for giving them a beautiful wedding day
18. After making up, Rory tells Lorelai news that she hopes will make her mom feel better - what?
Richard is a lousy golfer
she hates playing golf as much as she does playing Charades with Kirk
Emily is jealous of Richard spending time with Rory
she thinks she got a fungus from the golf club's steam room

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