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How Well Do You Know: Game of Thrones, S01E08: The Pointy End
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1. The title of the episode recalls a comment made in an earlier conversation between Arya and this person:
Jon Snow
Ned Stark
Syrio Forel
Robb Stark
2. Farewell to Syrio Forel. Besieged by Lannisters who have come for Arya, the dancing master is able to hold them off long enough for Arya to escape, despite the fact that:
He has one hand tied behind his back
He is armed only with a tin sword
He is armed only with a wooden sword
He is unarmed
3. Fleeing her captors, Arya somewhat unintentionally slays:
One of the City Watch
A stable boy
A butcher's boy
One of the King's Guard
4. This fellow is the first person we see visiting the imprisoned Ned in the dungeon:
Grand Maester Pycell
Ser Barristan Selmy
5. Varys doesn't exactly cheer Ned up, suggesting that this quality of Ned's killed King Robert:
Lack of ambition
6. At the wall, the Nights Watch consider the recovered bodies of two dead rangers, identified as companions of Benjen Stark. Sam notes that the corpses are unusual, in that:
They don't smell
The don't have eyes
Their bodies are still warm
They respond to light
7. With Sansa's fitness to marry Joffrey under question from Cersei, who speaks out for Sansa in front of the queen?
Grand Maester Pycell
8. Catelyn beseeches her sister wacko sister Lysa Arryn that the Knights of the Vale join Robb's forces against the Lannisters. Lysa declines, as:
The Knights of the Vale have been dissolved
She has pledged to bend the knee to Joffrey
She is concerned only with the safety of her son Robin
She despises the Starks
9. On the road back to King's Landing, Tyrion and Bronn are set upon by these folk, with whom Tyrion strikes a bargain:
Raiders from the Iron Islands
Stark Bannermen
10. Where does Jon encounter and fight with one of the reanimated dead rangers?
On the top of the Wall
In the stables
In the Lord Commander's quarters
In the kitchen
11. At a meeting to rally his bannermen, one Lord Umber poses a challenge to Robb Stark in front of the company. What happens to Lord Umber?
He loses his head
He loses several fingers
He loses his hand
He loses several gallons of blood as his throat is torn out
12. Witnessing the aftermath of a Dothraki raid, Dany is horrified to see female survivors being raped. Dany is able to convince Drogo that instead, the Dothraki should:
Banish them
Marry them
Sell them as slaves
Force them to swear loyalty to the Dothraki
13. It's only a flesh wound, right? And it can't possibly have horrifying consequences soon after? Where on his body does Drogo receive a cut from a blade?
On his leg
On his neck
Oh his arm
On his chest
14. At the end of the episode, who is left in charge of Winterfell?
Brandon Stark
Rickon Stark
Theyon Greyjoy
15. And, at the end of the episode, who is named Hand of the King?
Tyrion Lannister
Tywin Lannister
Ser Barristan Selmy
Jamie Lannister

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