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How Well Do You Know: Game of Thrones, S03E06: The Climb
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1. Sam Tarly of the Night's Watch tells Gilly all of the following about The Wall except...
It is 700 feet high
It is all made of ice
It is hidden in clouds
It is made completely of Dragonglass
2. What are Osha and Lady Meera Reed fighting about?
Whether they should continue north to The Wall
Whether they should just leave Jojen behind
Which one of them is better at skinning rabbits
Which one of them is prettier
3. Finish the quote: "I'm Jon Snow. I've killed dead men and Qhorin Halfhand..."
"...And I'll kill all you wildlings, too."
"...And I'm going to kill Orell's eagle next."
"...But I hate death."
"...But I'm scared of naked girls."
By way of explanation.....
It's a strange phobia, to be sure.
4. Who is a surprise visitor to the camp of the Brotherhood Without Banners?
Brynden Tully (The Blackfish)
Gregor Clegane (The Mountain)
Lady Melisandre (The Red Witch)
Robb Stark (The King in the North)
5. Why has Melisandre come to visit Beric Dondarrion, Thoros of Myr and the Brotherhood Without Banners?
To enlist them in Stannis's army
To learn new spells from Thoros
To see Arya Stark
To take Gendry (Robert Baratheon's bastard) back to Stannis
6. When an imprisoned Theon Greyjoy asks for water, what does his captor do?
Drinks the entire pitcher right in front of him, giving Theon none
Pours it down Theon's throat so quickly that he begins to choke
Pours the entire pitcher out on the floor
Pretends not to hear him
By way of explanation.....
I shall call him Joffrey Jr.
7. Lord Frey has several conditions that must be met before he will agree to ally his house to Robb Stark once again. Which of these is *not* one of those conditions?
He wants Harrenhal, the largest castle in the Seven Kingdoms
He wants Robb's formal apology for breaking his solemn vow to marry one of Lord Frey's daughters
He wants Robb's mother, Catelyn Stark, to marry one of his sons
He wants Robb's uncle, Edmure Tully, to marry his daughter Roslin
8. What does Jaime say is suspicious about Roose Bolton's behavior?
He doesn't partake in liquor
He never looks anyone in the eye
He seems to be watching them eat rather than eating any food himself
He's not flying Robb Stark's banners
9. Tywin Lannister fiercely denies to Lady Olenna that he has...
A drinking problem
Ever had a homosexual encounter
Plotted to take over Highgarden while the wedding between Joffrey and Margaery is being planned
Stolen money from the royal treasury
10. Since Lady Olenna does not wish for Loras Tyrell to be married to Cersei Lannister, what alternative does Tywin offer?
He will allow Loras to marry Cersei's young daughter Myrcella instead
He will charge Loras with immoral behavior and have him sent to the septons
He will name Loras to Joffrey's Kingsguard, which requires him to take vows that prevent him from owning land, marrying or having children
Lady Olenna will marry Tywin to properly join their houses
11. The episode is called "The Climb" because it's thematic both literally and figuratively. On the literal side of things, Jon Snow and Ygritte are climbing The Wall with several other wildlings. Who is responsible for cutting the rope and nearly allowing them to fall to their death?
Orell (the guy with the dragon)
Sam Tarly
Tormund Giantsbane (the big, burly, red-headed guy)
An unknown member of the Night's Watch
12. Tyrion had believed that Cersei had ordered him killed during the Battle of the Blackwater, but learns that the real culprit was...
By way of explanation.....
It's almost impossible to count the ways in which Joffrey is a d!ck.
13. Who tells Sansa that her marriage to Loras will not be happening and she'll be wedding Tyrion Lannister instead?
14. Littlefinger has a friend who wanted to try something new and daring with one of his whores. Who is Littlefinger's "friend"?
By way of explanation.....
With friends like Joffrey...
15. Finish the quote: "Chaos isn't a pit. Chaos is..."
"A ladder"
"The realm"
"What we seek"
By way of explanation.....
Littlefinger is...terrifying.

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