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How Well Do You Know: Futurama, Season 3 Episode 01: Amazon Women in the Mood
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At the beginning of the episode, what Hermes propose Dr Zoidberg clean up?
Nibbler’s hairball
the Professor’s ear canal
Zoidberg’s dumpster
Fry’s corner
Amy and Leela go on a double date with Zapp Brannigan and Kif. What does Zapp order for the ladies on their behalf?
two diet Soylent Greens
virtual steaks
very sensual salads, with low-cal sensual dressing
a selection of erotic meats
The Palm D’Orbit has karaoke. What song does Morbo sing?
Walking on Sunshine, by Katrina and the Waves
Funky Town, by Lipps Inc
Blame It On The Boogie, by the Jackson Five
I Love the Nightlife, by Alicia Bridges
Complete this pick-up line from Zapp Brannigan’s personal book of pick-up lines: “If I said you had a beautiful body...“
“... would you smother it in grape jelly?”
“... would you feel obliged to make love to me? I paid you a compliment!”
“... would you take your pants off and dance around a little?”
“... would you provide the condoms?”
According to Zapp Brannigan’s personal book of pick-up lines, what is the most erotic part of the woman?
the boobies
the hooters
the gazongas
the udders
There's only one sure-fire way back into a woman's heart and parts beyond. I speak of course, of karaoke. What song does Kif sing to woo Amy?
When I Fall In Love, by Nat King Cole
I Want To Know What Love Is, by Foreigner
Total Eclipse of the Heart, by Bonnie Tyler
You Are So Beautiful, by Joe Cocker
Zoidberg is trying out new shells from the J. Crab catalogue. Which one does Bender find offensive?
the construction worker
the Mexican bandito
the drunken Irishman
the “summer” guy
Zapp, Leela, Amy and Kif crash-land on the planet Amazonia, and Fry and Bender are captured while searching for them. On planet Amazonia, men die out many year ago. What does Bender suggest happened to them?
they were probably talked to death
they were probably nagged to death
they were probably bored to death
they probably skipped town
The Amazonians are led by Femputer, a mysterious computer that appeared just when men died out. Who provides the voice for Femputer?
Bea Arthur
Joan Rivers
Carol Burnett
Betty White
All the Amazonians know about sex comes from ancient legend and subscription to Cosmo. What is the Amazonian word for sex?
Perhaps men are not as evil as the Femputer thinks. But what causes her to decide the men must die?
they make fun women’s driving
they make fun women’s basketball
they make fun women’s talk-talk
they not laugh women’s comedy
The Amazonians will be divided into three groups for snu-snu with Fry, Zapp and Kif. What is not one of them?
the large women
the petite women
the strongest women
the most beautiful women
An Amazonian heaves Kif over her shoulder and carries him into the snu-snu chamber. “Be gentle. It _____ first time.”
Zapp needs rest from snu-snu. The spirit is willing, but the flesh is:
sagging and loose
flaccid and squished
spongy and bruised
limp and drooping
Everyone makes it safely back to Earth, and Bender got a haul of gold. Meanwhile, what was inside Zoidberg’s new shell when he found it?
toenail clippings
hospital waste
Nibbler’s hairball
a live raccoon

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