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How Well Do You Know: Justified, S03E01: The Gunfighter
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1. The season begins with Raylan in the hospital, then jumps forward in time by...
Three days
Three weeks
Three months
Three years
2. After seeing how badly Raylan's aim has suffered after his shooting, Art jokes that they'll have to issue him with what kind of weapon?
Gatling gun
Hand Grenade
3. How much of Mags' money does Raylan say has been stolen when talking to Boyd?
Well over $5
Well over $10
Well over $20
Well over $25
4. What is the nickname of Dunham (Mickey Jones), who comes to buy Mags' weed from Arlo and Boyd?
Hot Dog
Hot Sauce
Hot Damn
Hot Rod
5. What kind of pizza does the delivery man say he is bringing to Delmore Coates right before he is robbed and killed?
Large ham and pineapple
Large sausage and anchovy
Large olive and eggplant
Large four cheese
6. Raylan winds up sharing an elevator with the main criminal of episode, Fletcher Nix, but doesn't recognise him because...
He had never see him before
He had been shown a picture of him but had not paid close enough attention
Nix had recently had radical plastic surgery
They look exactly alike so he assumed he was looking into a mirror
7. What does Boyd tell Ava to do with all of Mags' weed?
Bury it
Smoke it
Burn it
Plant it
8. Which city is Robert Quarles (Neal McDonough)from?
Atlantic City
New York
9. How does Fletcher Nix escape being captured by the police when the sting operation goes awry?
He drives off in a cab
He runs off dressed as a Marshal
He runs off dressed as a woman
He runs across rooftops
10. How does Raylan outsmart Nix, allowing him to get the gun without being stabbed at the end of the episode?
He distracts Nix by throwing his voice
He pulls the tablecloth, bringing the gun closer to him
He kicks the table over, throwing the gun into the air so he can catch it and fire mid-catch
He doesn't; Ava grabs the gun first

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