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How Well Do You Know: Men in Black
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1. At the beginning of the movie, a guy is transporting what he believes to be...
Illegal aliens
2. What is the name of the Men in Black agent who winds up getting mind-wiped in the first scene?
3. What is the name of the villain in this film
The bug
4. Hey, that mind wipe thing we just discussed - what is its actual name?
Brain Scrambler
Vibrator of Doom
5. What does Jay do that impresses Kay?
Ascends to the level of Operating Thetan
Chases down a cephalopod on foot
Deduces Kay's job description
Overcomes a mind wipe
6. A farmer has his body invaded by an alien. What strange food request does he make?
Key lime pie
Sugar water...with lots of sugar
Spaghetti and meatballs...hold the spaghetti
7. What is the vocation of Jay's love interest?
Assistant to the Mayor
Deputy Medical Examiner
Internal Affairs Officer
Lounge Singer
8. Jay and Kay fight for the first time after Kay...
Asks him to wear a black suit
Drives like a lunatic
Mind wipes Laurel
Shoots a dude in the face
9. Kay gives Jay a card. It functions as an invitation to...
The Alien Aquarium
The Mayor's press conference
The Men in Black Ball
The Men in Black admission test
10. On the Men in Black written exam, all of the other candidates besides Jay try to write on their knees since there is no flat surface in front of their chairs. Jay infuriates the other candidates when he...
Drags a screeching table over to his chair
Rapidly states the answer for every question out loud
Sets fire to his test.
Types up his answers on a laptop
11. During the target practice exam, Jay shoots only one thing. What is it?
An alien hanging from a streetlight
An eight-year-old white girl with school books
A snarling beast alien carrying a tissue
The West Point graduate he derisively calls "Captain America"
12. What is Zed's primary concern with Jay?
He has a problem with authority
He never even submitted his written exam
He shoots cardboard cutouts of little girls
An NYPD cop can maybe handle freaks, but not aliens
By way of explanation.....
So does Kay.
13. Where does Jay meet the worms for the first time?
Break room/coffee machine
Shea Stadium
Statue of Liberty
Tennis court
14. Which of these people is not revealed to be an alien?
George Lucas
Newt Gingrich
Sylvester Stallone
Tom Cruise
15. What does the ruler of the Arquillian Empire carry in a bag?
A 13-foot high statue
A cat
16. In his first assignment, what does Jay do?
Delivers a baby
Gets knocked out by Dennis Rodman
Shoots a jaywalker
Unhands a Neptunian...literally
By way of explanation.....
It's a very...strenuous process, too.
17. Where does Kay get a lot of his information?
His stockbroker
Supermarket tabloids
18. "To prevent war, the galaxy is on..."
A collision course.
Orion's Belt
Red Alert
We need to turn it off.
19. During his downtime, what does Kay like to do?
Cyberstalk his ex-girlfriend
Watch Three Stooges reruns
20. What is the name of Jay's gun?
Noisy Crickets
Purse Pistol
Rib Tickler
Series Four Deatomizer
21. Frank makes appearances in both Men in Black and Men in Black II. Frank is best described as a...
Living puppet
22. Who is the caretaker of Orion's Belt?
By way of explanation.....
Sometimes the obvious answer is the correct one.
23. How long is a Galactic Standard Week?
One day
One hour
37 hours
One week
24. Kay's primary battle tactic versus the Bug is...
To be mind wiped
To beg to be pushed off a bridge
To demand to be eaten
To stomp on a cockroach
25. Who kills the Bug once and for all?

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