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How Well Do You Know: It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia: Season 1
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1. "The Gang Gets Racist": Dee's friend Terrell promises to get more patrons into Paddy's Pub, and he does - how?
he pays people to show up
He turns Paddy's into a gay bar
he invites his underage friends into Paddy's
he sets a neighboring bar on fire so those patrons have to head to Paddy's for shelter
2. "The Gang Gets Racist": Charlie takes his (African American) date "out for drinks" - to a coffee house, not a bar. Why?
he doesn't want his friends to see him with a minority
his date doesn't drink alcohol
he wants her to think he's sophisticated
he wants to show the waitress he's smitten with that he's not racist
3. "The Gang Gets Racist": Although at one point most of them enjoyed the money being brought in, the gang gets Paddy's switched back to the bar it once was after the lone holdout decides it should not be a gay bar any more. Who was the last to have his/her mind changed?
Sweet Dee
By way of explanation.....
Dennis's flirting with the customers earned him some big bucks, but after (possibly being tricked into) spending the night with some male patrons in a drunken stupor, he changed his tune.
4. "Charlie Wants An Abortion": Charlie is surprised to learn from an ex that he may have a 9 yr old son. He spends the day with the obnoxious boy, taking him where?
the train station, hoping to put him on the first train out of there
the house of snakes at the local zoo
a clinic, attempting to get a paternity test done
a brothel, so he can "learn to be a man"
5. "Charlie Wants An Abortion": Mac and Dennis decide to get involved in abortion rallies - why?
they think it's a great place to meet women
they think more men need to get involved in women's health issues
Charlie dares them to, knowing it will piss off Dee
They feel it will help them get into the good graces of their local church
6. "Charlie Wants An Abortion": Charlie's plan to hang out with the waitress goes awry when:
the waitress hears Charlie admit the kid isn't his
the kid gets drunk and the waitress hears Charlie screaming at him
he falls ill and passes out in front of her
he accidentally punches her little sister in the face
7. "Underage Drinking: A National Concern": Mac and Charlie get invited to the party of a teenage girl they met at the bar. They become more popular with the teenage party-goers by:
buying a keg for the party
stripping for them
bringing along some marijuana
pretending to be the father and uncle of one of the girls when the police respond to a noise complaint
8. "Underage Drinking: A National Concern": Mac is upset to find that:
the teenage girls he's befriended think he looks a lot older than he really is
he's being called "sir" by the teens
he is the only member of the gang not to be asked to the prom
the girls all find Charlie to be funnier than him, and Dennis hotter than him
9. "Underage Drinking: A National Concern": Who is the only member of the gang to wind up going to the prom?
10. "Charlie Has Cancer": Mac decides to continue spending some time with a woman he met at the bar, despite finding out that she is:
his cousin
investigating him for possibly serving alcohol to minors
a preoperative male-to-female transexual
11. "Charlie Has Cancer": Dee gets her friend Artemis an opportunity to do some Coyote Ugly-style bartending at Paddy's, much to Dennis's dismay. Where did Dee and Artemis meet?
a women's clinic
theater class
her grandfather's funeral
a mall bathroom
12. "Charlie Has Cancer": Mac and Dennis are angry to find that Charlie does not have cancer - he had continued to lie to them after finding out he had a clean bill of health! - but are also angry to find that:
they had bribed the waitress to sleep with Charlie, and she did not sleep with him
a neighboring bar is still planning on having a fundraiser to help Charlie financially
Charlie's still planning on taking time off of work for "treatment"
A newspaper reporter writing an article about Paddy's concentrated on Charlie's "sickness" for the duration of the article, leaving everyone else out
13. "Gun Fever": The gang buys a gun after Paddy's safe is stolen, and Charlie winds up using it to threaten his landlord after he comes looking for his late rent payment. Charlie initially tried appeasing his landlord and didn't need to use a weapon - what did he offer his landlord?
a Rice Krispie treat
a hug
concert tickets
a beer
14. "Gun Fever": Which member of the gang winds up being shot after the rest of the gang, hiding at Paddy's, mistake him or her for a robber?
15. "Gun Fever": Paddy's gets robbed a second time after:
Charlie announces to a neighboring bar that Paddy's will be unattended for a few hours
the door to the bar is left wide open
The location of the bar's second safe is broadcast on a local news report
Mac and Dennis tell Dee's boyfriend (unbeknownst to them, the robber) where extra cash is hidden in the bar
16. "The Gang Finds a Dead Guy": Dennis and Mac compete over a girl they meet when her grandfather dies in Paddy's Pub. They figure the best way to spend some time with her is to pretend they knew her grandfather, which backfires when:
she asks them to speak at his memorial
she asks them personal information about him and they can't think of an answer fast enough
her grandmother claims that her husband had never set foot in Paddy's until the night he died
Mac and Dennis call the man by the wrong name
17. "The Gang Finds a Dead Guy": Dennis and Dee's grandfather, living in a nursing home, asks Charlie for help in obtaining a box of his possessions. What was inside?
money stolen from a bank decades ago
a brick of heroin
Nazi paraphernalia
bank accounts showing his massive wealth, and his will - in which Dee and Dennis were written out of
18. "The Gang Finds a Dead Guy": Mac tells Dennis of his grandfather's Nazi past after:
they try to out-drink each other after Paddy's closes
Dennis brags about sleeping with the girl they were both after
Dennis finds some of the Nazi paraphernalia hidden in Charlie's house
Dennis cheats at poker, scamming Mac out of hundreds of dollars
19. "Charlie Gets Molested": After it is discovered that Mac and Charlie's elementary school gym teacher was accused of molestation, the gang becomes angry. Dennis and Dee are upset because they think that Charlie was molested, based on his behavior. Mac is upset because:
this means Charlie won't be able to concentrate on his job at the bar
the drama takes attention away from his dating woes
he thinks Charlie must have brought it on himself
the gym teacher picked the "gross" kids to molest, rather than his cute childhood self
20. "Charlie Gets Molested": Despite having no knowledge of or confirmation that Charlie was in fact molested by his gym teacher, Dennis and Dee get someone involved in putting together an intervention - who?
the waitress
the gym teacher
Charlie's childhood girlfriend
Charlie's mother
21. "Charlie Gets Molested": Charlie gets off the hook and doesn't get in trouble for his involvement in the molestation lie, after:
the gym teacher goes off the deep end and strangles the other guys who accused him
paying the other guys to keep their mouths shut, getting them to recant their accusation
ratting out his accomplices to the police
Dee and Dennis find out the gym teacher actually *was* molesting students

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