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How Well Do You Know: Bridesmaids
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1. After a night with Ted, her, uh, friend with benefits, Annie is asked to leave. She has difficulty leaving, though - why?
the main gate is locked, forcing her to climb over the gate
his girlfriend has padlocked the door from the outside
she doesn't want to tear herself away from such a great guy
she can't find her clothes
2. Annie and her best friend Lillian, get busted at the park for:
insulting random people walking by
kicking a trash can, accidentally knocking it over
taking an exercise class for free (hiding behind a tree) while others pay for the class
feeding their leftovers to the squirrels in the park
3. What was the name of Annie's bakery, which went out of business?
The Golden Ticket
Cake Baby
Muffin Tops
4. Annie now works at a jewelry store. She got the job because:
she used to date the security guard
her mother is her boss's AA sponsor
she catered a party for a woman who is now her coworker
a temp agency placed her there
5. Annie goes to visit her mother, who likes to pass her time going to AA meetings (despite never having a drink in her life), and painting. When Annie goes to visit her mom, she is painting a picture of...who?
Michael Jackson
Patrick Swayze
Wynona Judd
6. The members of Lillian's bridal party - Annie excluded - include all but whom?
her fiance's sister
her boss's wife
her college roommate
her coworker
7. Megan, Lillian's future sister-in-law, tells Annie that she is recovering from a traumatic accident. What happened?
she fell off a cruise ship
she got hit by a mini-bus
she broke her leg during a dance competition
while at a baseball game, a foul ball hit her in the head
8. On her way home from the engagement party, Annie gets stopped by a police officer after swerving her car. She gets a ticket for _____________ until the officer changes his mind.
driving while intoxicated
not having proper identification
not having brake lights
noise emissions (her muffler had just fallen off)
9. Despite initially giving Annie a ticket for having non-working brake lights, Officer Rhodes lets her go with a warning after:
realizing she is friends with his sister
watching her sob uncontrollably
finding out she was the owner of Cake Baby
she flashes him some skin, exposing her cleavage
10. Officer Rhodes gives Annie the name of a friend who owns a body shop. The body shop owner shares a name (albeit with a different spelling) with what celebrity?
Bill Cosby
Nicolas Cage
Mike Tyson
Burt Reynolds
11. Lillian and her bridesmaids go out for lunch at a Brazilian restaurant. The women discuss some themes for Lil's bridal shower. Which of the following is not suggested?
Survivor theme
Pixar theme
Parisian theme
Fight Club theme
12. Annie runs into Officer Rhodes at a convenience store in the wee hours of the morning. They get to know each other while sitting in the parking lot, talking over - what?
beer he confiscated from a minor
baby carrots
Little Debbie snack cakes
Slim Jims
13. Much to Annie's dismay, the girls go to Las Vegas for the bachelorette party. Her idea was to go to ________ instead.
a day spa
the bowling alley she and Lillian used to hang out at as teenagers
Lillian's parents' lake house
their old summer camp
14. Annie causes a major disturbance on the plane after getting drunk/high - the combo of whiskey and drugs meant to calm her nerves over flying was a bad idea. She freaks out, thinking there is ______ on the wing of the plane.
a Colonial woman churning butter
an alien and his UFO
a little boy on a tricycle
a litter of puppies
15. After spending the night with Rhodes, Annie finds a surprise waiting for her in the kitchen - what?
Rhodes has cooked her breakfast
Rhodes has left a dozen roses on the kitchen table
Rhodes has invited her mother over for coffee
Rhodes has purchased supplies so she can start baking again
16. Annie gets fired from the jewelry store after:
getting drunk while at work
insulting a teenage customer, calling her a less-than-complimentary name
unsuccessfully attempting to steal a "best friends" necklace for Lillian
pulling down her pants and mooning her boss
17. Helen upstages Annie yet again by giving Lillian tickets to Paris as a bridal shower gift. What does Helen give away to bridal shower guests as they are leaving the shower?
a puppy
a plane ticket to Paris
chocolates flown in from France
By way of explanation.....
butterflies were included in the invitation to the shower, but Helen gave guests a puppy as a parting gift
18. Annie bakes Rhodes an "I'm Sorry" cake - shaped like _____.
a police car
Rhodes's, uh, "nightstick"
a carrot
19. After the wedding (surprisingly) goes off without a hitch, Megan confides to Annie that she:
is involved with Jon the Air Marshall
put a loaded gun in her brother Dougie's carry-on luggage
planted drugs on Helen and called the police (Officer Rhodes)
went to Paris with Helen instead of Lillian
By way of explanation.....
We don't see Megan's involvement with Air Marshall Jon until the ending credits
20. One of the bridesmaids co-starred with her husband in Bridesmaids. The actor who played Air Marshall Jon is married to the actress who played:
Megan (Dougie's sister)
Helen (Dougie's boss's wife)
Becca (Lillian's coworker)

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