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How Well Do You Know: Love and Other Drugs
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1. Jamie Randall is fired from his position at an electronics store after:
"borrowing" a video camera so he could tape his sexual exploits
being caught sleeping with his bosses' girlfriend
trying to sell a TV for more than the advertised amount and pocketing the excess
sleeping through his shift yet again
2. Jamie is introduced to the field of pharmaceutical sales by his:
college roommate
3. Jamie is hired by which pharmaceutical company?
4. Jamie teaches his partner, Bruce, about his many ways of scoring with the ladies, which involves:
intentionally calling a woman by the wrong name
telling a woman she could "try harder"
indecent exposure
bringing along a wingman
5. Bruce informs Jamie that becoming Pfizer's top sales rep equals hitting the "big leagues" and moving to:
New York
San Francisco
6. General Practitioner Dr. Knight allows Jamie to "shadow" him, after Jamie:
offers him a cut of whatever drug profits he makes as a result
promises to hook the doctor up with one of his hot exes
offers Dr. Knight $1000
begs and pleads
7. Jamie and Dr. Knight meet Maggie Murdock, a spunky young woman suffering from what chronic illness?
Parkinson's disease
8. Jamie gets an unexpected roommate - his brother, whose wife kicked him out because:
he was caught sleeping with his wife's sister
he's addicted to internet porn
he wouldn't quit drinking
she wasn't as big a fan of the proposed threesome as he was
9. Jamie is assaulted outside Dr. Knight's office by ________ while throwing some of the competitor's drugs into the dumpster.
one of the doctor's receptionists
Dr. Knight
a homeless man
another drug rep / competitor
By way of explanation.....
the homeless man is happy to see Jamie, as he has been taking the Prozac Jamie has been throwing into the dumpster.
10. After an intimate night together, Maggie tells an out-of-the loop Jamie that:
a new drug for Parkinson's has just been discovered
she wants to move to Chicago with him if he gets the call
his company is about to unveil a "f*#k drug"
she thinks she's pregnant
11. Jamie shows Maggie he is interested in more than just sex, after waiting overnight in a parking lot for her bus to arrive. What had she been doing?
helping the elderly get drugs in Canada
touring an assisted living home in Connecticut
going on a road trip to a Phish show
building a house for Habitat for Humanity
12. Maggie feels uncomfortable at hearing the word:
13. Jamie has a panic attack shortly before:
telling Maggie he loves her
breaking up with Maggie
telling Maggie he wants to move in with her
asking Maggie to tell him about life with Parkinson's
14. Jamie takes Maggie to a medical convention, where she finds support where she least expects it:
a support group across the street from the convention
a meeting on new Parkinson's drugs from Jamie's competitors
his mother, who has decided to meet up with Jamie and Maggie
Jamie's ex-girlfriend - who suffers from a chronic illness herself
15. Maggie breaks up with Jamie after:
he expresses doubt at being her caretaker as her illness progresses
he admits to cheating on her at the medical convention
he proposes to her
he drags her from one medical facility to another, trying to find a miracle fix for her Parkinson's
16. A heartbroken Jamie tries to forget about Maggie by going to a ______________ with his brother.
strip club
pajama party
17. While sitting in the Emergency Room thanks to a Viagra-induced "mishap", Jamie gets some news - what is it?
Maggie has been hospitalized
he's been fired
he got "the call" and is going to Chicago
Maggie is looking for him, as realizes she made a mistake and wants him back
18. Jamie decides to find Maggie and get her back after:
listening to an old voice mail
watching her through the window of the coffee house she works at
watching a home movie of her
seeing some of her artwork in a local exhibit
19. Jamie tracks down Maggie, by:
sitting outside her apartment until she arrives home
chasing down the bus she's on
sitting in the coffee house, refusing assistance from all other waitresses, until she relents
asking competitor Trey Hannigan for her whereabouts
20. After reconciling with Maggie, Jamie decides to stay with her rather than take the job in Chicago. He also decides to:
apply to medical school
introduce her to his parents
kick his brother out of his apartment
devote his life to Parkinson's research

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