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How Well Do You Know: Friday
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1. Early Friday morning, Craig is awaken by a knock at the door. Who's knocking at the door with an attitude?
Jehovah Witnesses
Girl scouts
The Avon lady
2. How in the hell can a person get fired on their day off? Craig was caught on video supposedly stealing:
Masking tape
Packing popcorn
Bubble wrap
3. You ain't gotta lie Craig, you ain't gotta lie. Craig's girlfriend Joi knows he was at ______ the night before with some slut.
The club
The movies
The Dairy Queen
4. Lil Chris is the neighborhood punk who is notorious for doing what?
Throwing rocks at windows
Knocking over trash cans
Walking through people's yards
Breaking into people's houses
5. Smokey is definitely riding around in a old hoopty. What does Smokey's license plate read?
F*ck It
Smke it
Roll it
6. What's the name of the naughty neighbor lady who just don't know what she does to the men of the neighborhood?
Mrs. Jones
Mrs. Cooper
Mrs. Parker
Mrs. Davis
7. The late great Bernie Mac has a small role in the film playing:
One of Craig's neighbours
A salesman
A store clerk
A preacher
8. Smokey smoked weed laced with angel dust and hasn't been right since. What has Smokey been acting like since smoking the tainted weed?
A dog
A monkey
A pigeon
A chicken
9. Smokey and Deevo break into ______ house to steal money.
Mrs. Jones
10. Smokey complains that Craig's house never has two food items that match. What examples DOESN'T he give Craig?
Peanut butter and no jelly
Koolaid and no sugar
Ham and no burger
Cereal and no milk
11. Debbie hooks Smokey up with a girl who says she looks like:
Halle Berry
Janet Jackson
Tyra Banks
Naomi Campbell
12. Besides being a drug dealer, what else does Big Worm sell?
Hot dogs
Ice cream
13. "Well I won't tell anybody else." What does Ezal tell everyone that Smokey is doing in his back yard?
Smoking weed
Taking a $hit
Throwing up
14. How much money does Smokey and Craig owe Big Worm?
15. Besides stealing Red's bike, what else does Deevo steal from Red?
His watch
His money
His hat
His chain
16. Craig has a bad reaction from smoking Smokey's weed. Where does he think he sees Big Worms head?
In the refrigerator
The medicine cabinet
In the cupboard
The oven
17. Craig's father is very enthusiastic about getting Craig into his line of work. What does Craig's dad do for a living?
Garbage man
Dog catcher
Cable man
18. What is the name of Debbie's begging-ass sister, who's sleeping with Deevo?
19. Who is terribly upset to find out Craig has a gun in his room?
His mom
His dad
20. Which actor made his film debut in Friday?
Tommy "Tiny" Lister
Djimon Hounsou
Michael Clarke Duncan
Chris Tucker
21. Where do Smokey and Craig hide during the shooting drive-by?
In the back of a pick-up
In Stanley's bushes
In Craig's garage
Behind Smokey's car
22. Why does Craig pull a gun on Deevo?
He threatens Craig's parents
He hits Debbie
He punches Craig
He beats up Felisha
23. It's a lot of work to beat up a big man like Deevo. What DOESN'T Craig hit Deevo with in their fight?
A metal pipe
A board
A brick
A trashcan
24. Craig's very excited that Debbie says she's gonna call him in the morning when he gets up. What time does Craig ultimately tell Debbie to call him?
9:00 am
7:30 am
25. Where does Smokey say he's going at the end of the movie?
On vacation
To find a safer job
To party

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