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How Well Do You Know: The Fugitive
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1. Richard Kimble isn't home when Fredrick Sykes kills his wife. Why is he away?
He's at a fundraiser
He's performing surgery
He's having drinks with a colleague
He's shopping for a present for her
2. The film makes numerous references to the city that serves as its primary setting. Where is the film set?
3. Helen Kimble died from a gunshot wound and:
By being strangled
By being suffocated
By being stabbed
From a fractured skull
4. The sequence of events that ends with the prison transport crashing on the train tracks begins when:
A prisoner fakes a seizure
The prisoners use a shiv to pick the lock of their shackles
One of the guards is shot
The driver suffers a heart attack
5. Kimble's attempt the flee the oncoming train is hampered by the fact that:
He is dragging one of the other prisoners
He is dragging one of the guards
His legs are shackled
He has been shot
6. During his escape from the prison transport and wrecked train, Richard suffers an injury to this part of his body:
His abdomen
His leg
His neck
His shoulder
7. US Marshal Samuel Gerard's initial assessment when he first sees the wreckage is:
Looks like we have a fugitive
Call the office, we're putting in overtime tonight
This is more of a disaster than my first divorce
My my my, what a mess
8. Which of the following is not included in the types of houses that Gerard lists in his "hard target search" speech?
Farm house
Waffle house
9. In a hospital, after he has changed clothes, Richard passes a trooper, who stops Richard to tell him:
He has some blood on his collar
He is about to go into the ladies room
His shoe is untied
His fly is down
10. What type of vehicle does Kimble steal during his flight?
A limo
An ambulance
A school bus
A pickup truck
11. Several times through the film, Gerard is referred to by this nickname:
Big Dog
The Magician
Uncle Sam
Last Law
12. After having watch Kimble jump into the river, Gerard stated that Richard "did a _________ right here off of this dam."
Peter Pan
Davy Jones
Huckleberry Finn
13. This form of transportation is key to the marshals realization that Kimble is in Chicago:
Taxi cab
Municipal bus
Elevated train
14. Kimble rents a basement apartment from a Russian woman, whose son turns out to be a:
Drug dealer
Graffiti artist
Bank robber
15. Richard steals a hospital ID badge from:
An x-ray tech
A security guard
A janitor
A nurse from the prosthetics lab
16. Which actress, later better known from her work on television, has a small role as one of Richard's doctor colleagues?
Julia Louis-Dreyfus
Elizabeth Mitchell
Sofia Vergara
Jane Lynch
17. What is the name of the pharmaceutical company that is central to the movie?
Devlin McGregor
Martindale MacKinzie
Gardener Gainsborough
18. Gerard almost nabs Richard when the both visit the county lockup to meet a one-armed man incarcerated there. What crime did the man commit?
Hit and run
He shot a cop
Check fraud
Armed robbery
19. As he flees the lockup, Kimble is almost shot by Gerard as his _________ is caught in a closing door:
20. The marshals unsuccessfully chase Richard through what type of parade?
St. Patrick's Day
New Year's Day
21. Richard places a phone call to Gerard from:
His basement apartment
Frederick Syke's house
Gerard's house
The hospital
22. What is the doctor who was involved in the fraudulent drug study, and who was killed in a car accident?
23. Richard discovers that the drug which is involved in the study has rather series side effects on which body part?
24. What does Kimble find that implicates his friend Charles Nichols?
Phone records between Nichols and Sykes
Liver samples that Nichols had approved
Payments made by Nichols to Sykes
Schematics for the security system at Kimble's house
25. The climax of the film takes place in what area of a hotel?
The lobby
The laundry
The boiler room
The kitchen

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