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How Well Do You Know: While You Were Sleeping
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1. Lonely Lucy spends her days working as a:
nightclub waitress
bus driver
subway toll collector
2. Lucy's boss offers to make her "Employee of the Month" again if she:
marries him
works on Christmas
takes a decrease in pay
talks to Peter, her crush
3. Lucy saves the life of Peter Callaghan, the secret object of her affection, when he:
is hit by a car
has a heart attack
is pushed onto the subway tracks
is shot trying to stop an elderly woman from being mugged
4. Who tells the Callaghan family that Lucy is Peter's fiancee?
a taxi driver
Peter's godfather
a hospital nurse
5. Joe Jr., her landlord's son, tries to get Lucy on a date with him by telling him he's secured tickets to:
the Ice Capades
the opera
a filming of a television program
A Christmas Carol as performed by mimes
6. Lucy goes to the unconscious Peter's hospital room to share her secrets with him, saying she has mistakenly been identified as his fiancee. Who overhears her?
Saul, Peter's godfather
Joe Jr.
Elsie, Peter's grandmother
Mary, Peter's sister
7. After a fun belated Christmas celebration at the Callaghan house, Lucy tries sneaking out of the house the next morning in order to:
avoid having to tell them the truth
see Peter at the hospital before work
escape meeting Jack, Peter's brother
having to talk to Saul again
8. Lucy finds something in Peter's box of personal effects that makes her rush over to his apartment. What did she find?
a bottle of wine
a can of cat food
a smoke detector
a bottle of laundry detergent
9. In an attempt to prove that Lucy is not Peter's fiancee, Jack quizzes her re: Peter. He asks her to name some of his favorites - which of the following does he not ask about?
favorite baseball team
favorite ice cream
favorite article of clothing
favorite of the Three Stooges
10. Lucy, in a desperate attempt to get Jack Callaghan off her back re: her relationship with Peter, informs the family of an interesting tidbit they knew nothing about. What does she tell the family?
Peter has a 3-yr old love child
Peter has a cat named Fluffy
Peter's having an affair with a married woman
Peter has one testicle
11. Lucy shoves the visiting Joe Jr. into her closet when Saul shows up unexpectedly to tell her he knows the truth about her and Peter. She goes back to the closet after Saul leaves to find Joe Jr.:
trying on her shoes
smelling her perfume
wearing one of her dresses
trying to steal some of her undergarments
12. Geez, doesn't anyone know how to use a phone? Shortly after Saul leaves, Jack shows up at Lucy's apartment with an engagement present from his parents. What is it?
a TV
a love seat
the necklace Mrs. Callaghan wore on her wedding day
a check for enough money to pay for the wedding
13. Where is the one place in the world Lucy would like to visit?
14. Mary arrives home at the Callaghan house and makes an (inaccurate) announcement to the rest of the family - what is it?
Lucy and Peter are married, not engaged
Lucy was seen kissing Joe Jr.
Peter has just woken up
Lucy is pregnant
15. Peter accuses Lucy of being with Joe Jr., based on the fact he saw her:
kissing him
leaning close to him
hugging him
having sex with him
16. So Peter finally wakes up, and remembers everyone in his family but NOT Lucy. The family, in return:
figures out that Lucy has been deceiving them
assumes Peter has selective amnesia
makes Peter an appointment with a specialist
accuse Lucy of being after Peter's money
17. Jack heads over to his parents' house and confesses to his father that:
he wants out of the family business
he is in love with Lucy
he has always been jealous of Peter
he is moving out of the country
18. Saul has a man-to-man talk with Peter - what does he advise Peter to do?
propose to Lucy a second time
break up with Lucy
tell Lucy about his other fiancee
tell Jack it's okay to go after Lucy
19. Ashley, the woman Peter actually HAS proposed to, finds him in the hospital and is outraged to hear he has proposed to someone else. She tells Peter she wants back all of the items she's left with him. What does Peter say HE wants back from her?
her cat
all the money he's wasted on taking her out to dinner
her car
the body parts he's paid for plastic surgery on
20. What does Jack give Lucy as a wedding present?
a snow globe
one of the chairs he made
a kiss
a necklace
21. Lucy finally confesses everything to the Callaghans:
in Peter's hospital room
outside her apartment
in the hospital's wedding chapel
in their kitchen
22. In the ruckus that follows Lucy's confession, Peter's fiancee Ashley barges in the room and objects to the wedding. Who objects to HER objection?
Ashley's husband
23. Joe Jr. stops by Lucy's place to give her some post-breakup advice. Which of the following words of wisdom are not in his pep talk?
explore her feminine side
go shop for some new lingerie and shoes to make herself feel sexy
don't start eating cookies or cake or else she'll get fat
get in touch with the child within
24. Lucy gets a visit from the Callaghans at work, with Jack proposing to her while his family cheers him on. How does she figure out Jack has come to propose to her?
she can hear the Callaghans discussing the plan from inside the booth
Jack drops a diamond ring into the booth rather than a token
Peter calls her and welcomes her to the family, not realizing Jack has not proposed yet
Lucy sees Jack practicing the "down on one knee" move
25. Jack gives Lucy the "perfect" gift for their wedding:
a bedroom set he made
a stamp in her passport
the same present Lucy's mother gave her father on their wedding day
a picture of Lucy and her father

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