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How Well Do You Know: Scott Pilgrim Gets It Together
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1. Scott sees something scandalous and shocking at Julie’s/Stephen Stills’ birthday party. What is it?
Julie is cheating on Stephen Stills with Young Neil!
Knives Chau and Kim Pine are making out!
Stephen Stills is cheating on Julie with Kim Pine!
Wallace Wells is kissing a girl!
2. What is the only vegetable Wallace eats?
Collard Greens
3. Name the guy with the car who helps Kim Pine move in with Hollie and Joseph:
Davey Boy Johnson
Jason Kim
Jason Lee
Lawrence West
4. What does Stephen Stills find exciting about Joseph’s room?
Joseph has a home studio
Joseph has a poster of two girls kissing
Joseph has a race car bed
Joseph has an Xbox 360
5. Who does Scott run into at the Dufferin mall?
Hollie (from Kim’s apartment)
Lisa Miller (from high school)
The Other Scott (from who knows where)
Wallace Wells (from Scott's apartment)
6. Scott gets a job! Where does he work?
The Happy Avocado
He works with Wallace Wells…wherever that is
No Account Video
The Second Cup
7. Kim Pine wants to punch _______________ in the face.
Lisa Miller
Young Neil
Scott's life
8. What is the name of Scott and Wallace’s landlord?
9. The first time Scott encounters Roxanne Richter, what does he do?
Compliments her awesome ninja skills
Flirts with her
Punches her in the boob
Runs and hides
10. When Scott’s brain cracks open and he realizes that Roxy is Ramona’s fourth evil ex, what emerges from his brain?
A baby chick
An exclamation point
A light bulb
A robot
11. Ramona pulls a baseball bat out her subspace suitcase (where Scott is hiding rather than fighting Roxy). It’s +1 against:
12. A shadowy figure has been stalking Scott. Who is this mysterious person?
Knives Chau’s dad
Jason Kim
Michael Cera
13. What is left behind when Scott defeats Roxanne?
Food for health
Mini half-ninjas
14. What happens after Scott finally says the “L” word to Ramona (“love,” not “lesbian”)?
He earns the power of love
He gets 9,999 exp.
He levels up
All of the above
15. When is Ramona’s birthday?
August 27th
It is never revealed
January 1st
September 27th

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