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How Well Do You Know: The Simpsons: Bart the Murderer
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Bart is looking in his cereal box for a genuine glow-in-the-dark police badge. But what comes free in every box of Jackie O’s?
imitation pearls
pillbox hat
wide-frame sunglasses
stretch pants
According to Bart’s homework that was chewed up by Santa’s little helper:
nine times nine equals one hundred
Bluebeard is the main character in Treasure Island
the French won the Civil War
Toronto is the capital of Canada
Bart forgets his permission slip for the field trip to the ________ chocolate factory.
Chocolate Road
Cocoa Loco
Ah Fudge!
Candy Mountain
Bart has to stay at school while everyone else visits the chocolate factory. What menial task is he given?
cleaning the musical instruments
licking envelopes
clapping chalk dusters
Bart stumbles across the Legitimate Businessmen’s Social Club. What drink does Legs want him to mix?
a martini
a whiskey sour
a Manhattan
a Rob Roy
Bart gets a job working at the club. After Fat Tony gifts him a tailored suit, what song does he start singing around the house?
Ain’t That a Kick In The Head
You’re Sensational
Young at Heart
Principal Skinner mysteriously disappears after a run-in with Fat Tony, and while psychic Princess Opal can’t find him, she does see wedding bells for:
Suzanne Somers and Ted Koppel
Vanna White and Teddy Kennedy
Martha Stewart and Vanilla Ice
Pat Benatar and Lee Majors
Skinner seems to be presumed dead, because at Springfield Elementary the Seymour Skinner Memorial What is dedicated?
Public Address System
Trophy Case
Fire Hose
Bart asks Fat Tony if he killed his principal. What’s Fat Tony’s response?
“Mexican guy with a limp?”
“Cuban guy with a hook for a hand?
“Chinese guy with a moustache?”
“Turkish guy with an earring?”
Bart is accused of Skinner’s murder. According to defence lawyer Lionel Hutz, what’s the upside?
a chance to make up for that one time he got someone sent to the chair
it counts as community service
even if he loses, he’ll be famous
whatever happens, he still gets paid
Skinner’s escape from under a stack of old newspapers parodies:
The A-Team
In Blood on the Blackboard: The Bart Simpson Story, who plays Bart Simpson?
Neil Patrick Harris
Johnathon Taylor Thomas
Macaulay Culkin
Fred Savage
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