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How Well Do You Know: Lost, Season 6
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1. Episode 1: The sixth season premiere, LA X covers two full hours of the season’s final 18, introducing the viewer to a brand-new storytelling element. The past seasons had flashbacks or flashforwards. What is the name of the new storytelling device introduced in this episode?
2. Episode 1: At the beginning of the premiere, we watch Jack Shephard as the plane he is on, Oceanic Flight 815, does not crash on the mysterious Island. Jack is soon joined by a surprise passenger who sits next to him. Who is this person?
Charlie Pace
Boone Carlyle
Desmond Hume
Benjamin Linus
3. Episode 2: Ben Linus, fresh off of killing the enigmatic Jacob at the end of the Season 5 finale, The Incident, realizes that the man he thought was John Locke is actually someone far different. Who or what is this man Ben is dealing with, in the second part of the premiere, LA X?
The Smoke Monster
Christian Shephard
Charles Widmore
4. Episode 3: In What Kate Does, Sayid Jarrah has been brought back to life in the oft-heard about Temple, by an Asian man named Dogen and his right-hand man, Lennon. The actor who plays Lennon, John Hawkes, is yet another alum of an HBO drama the Lost producers must love, as many of that show’s stars have appeared here. What HBO show is this?
The Sopranos
The Wire
Sex and the City
5. Episode 4: The Substitute is all about John Locke and the man who’s taken over his body on the Island. In the flash-sideways, we see that Locke is still in a wheelchair, but planning on getting married to his true love, Helen. However, John loses his job at the box factory for lying about where he went on a business trip. John meets a person directly after losing his job, and this person seems more than willing to help him get a new one. Who is this person?
Hugo Reyes
Benjamin Linus
Jack Shephard
Boone Carlyle
6. Episode 4: Why does Ilana say that the new, villainous version of John Locke has dragged the body of Richard Alpert in the jungle?
He’s looking for answers.
He’s recruiting.
He’s angry.
He’s going for some exercise.
7. Episode 5: In Lighthouse, Hurley and Jack head to the titular location, encouraged to do so by whom?
8. Episode 6: This episode is called Sundown, for a reference made by the Smoke Monster-inhabited John Locke. What happens at sundown?
All those in the Temple who do not join John Locke are left alone.
All those in the Temple who do not join John Locke are imprisoned.
All those in the Temple who do not join John Locke are banished off the Island.
All those in the Temple who do not join John Locke are going to die.
9. Episode 6: This episode is about Sayid Jarrah. In the flash-sideways, Sayid is forced into helping his brother out with an evil loan shark. Who is this loan shark?
Martin Keamy
Mikhail Bakunin
Benjamin Linus
Charles Widmore
10. Episode 7: This episode is called Dr. Linus, and is all about (surprise) Ben. On the Island, he’s forced to dig his own grave by Ilana, once she realizes that he killed Jacob. Eventually, she spares him his life, after a heartbreaking speech he gives to her about why he’s going to run away and join Locke. Why does he say he is going to do this?
Because he likes Locke.
Because no one else will have him.
Because he doesn’t trust Ilana.
Because he wants to rule the Island again.
11. Episode 8: In Recon, Sawyer is tasked to go to Hydra Island to get some information about Charles Widmore, who has arrived, ostensibly to defeat the Smoke Monster. Sawyer ends up trying to play Widmore against the Smoke Monster, because he wants to get Kate off the Island. With what transportation does Sawyer plan on doing this?
The plane
Desmond’s boat
The submarine
The Frozen Donkey Wheel
12. Episode 9: Ab Aeterno is the episode that answers a lot of big questions about Richard Alpert, the immortal man who’s lived on the Island for many, many years. What year does Alpert’s story begin?
13. Episode 10: The Package, an episode about Sun and Jin, could refer to the watch Jin is meant to deliver in the flash-sideways, or it could refer to what Charles Widmore brought in on the sub to the Island. What is Widmore’s package?
Desmond Hume
A hydrogen bomb
Penelope Widmore
Ji Yeon Kwon
14. Episode 11: Happily Ever After is the first and only episode this season centering around Desmond Hume, everyone’s favorite Scotsman. Desmond, in his flash-sideways storyline, is tasked by his boss to pick up Charlie Pace, former castaway and bassist for Drive Shaft, from a local police station and bring him to a benefit concert. In an early twist, we find out the identity of Desmond’s boss, certainly an unlikely choice. Who is Desmond’s boss?
Benjamin Linus
Charles Widmore
Penelope Widmore
Jack Shephard
15. Episode 11: Desmond is the first still-living main character to realize that he’s got a connection to the characters on the Island when Charlie, stuck underwater in a car he’s just crashed, puts his hand to the car window. Desmond sees a flash to the Island timeline, and Charlie doing the same thing, with what written on his hand?
Wake up!
I miss you.
Not Penny’s Boat
Who am I?
16. Episode 12: In Everybody Loves Hugo, Hurley, and the audience, discovers the answer to one of Lost’s longest-running mysteries: what the whispers on the Island are. Hurley finds out that the whispers are the voices of those who died on the Island but are unable to move on. Which dead castaway clues Hurley in?
Charlie Pace
Boone Carlyle
John Locke
Michael Dawson
17. Episode 13: The flash-sideways storyline in The Last Recruit is not specific to any one character, though Desmond Hume, now clued in to some secret knowledge of what he must do to unite the castaways once more, appears often. In one scene, he meets Claire Littleton at an office park and convinces her to talk to his lawyer about adoption law. Who is Desmond’s lawyer?
Tom Friendly
Ilana Verdansky
Hugo Reyes
Mr. Eko
18. Episode 14: The Candidate is a particularly wrenching episode of Lost, as we lose a heaping helping of major characters when they’re stuck on a rapidly sinking submarine. Which of the following lead characters did not die in this episode?
Sayid Jarrah
Sun Kwon
Claire Littleton
Jin Kwon
19. Episode 14: Though the Man in Black, in the guise of John Locke, created the bomb that blows a deadly hole in the submarine, he wasn’t the one who originally had the explosive device. Who wired the Ajira plane with dynamite that the Man in Black stole?
Charles Widmore
James Ford
Benjamin Linus
Miles Straume
20. Episode 15: Aside from maybe Expose, the infamous Season 3 episode all about our favorite unimportant and annoying side characters, Nikki and Paolo, the most divisive episode of Lost might be this one, Across the Sea, which is all about the origins of Jacob and the Man in Black. The episode opens with their mother giving birth to them. Why does she not give the baby who would one day be the Man in Black a name?
She is killed before she can.
She only had one name in mind.
She is mute.
She’s too exhausted to realize she’s given birth to two babies.
21. Episode 15: Across the Sea features only a few characters: Jacob and the Man in Black at various ages, and their adoptive mother, who killed their real mother. The mother is played by Allison Janney, who won multiple Emmy Awards for her role as C.J. Cregg on what NBC drama?
Law and Order
The West Wing
22. Episode 16: In the flash-sideways storyline in this episode, What They Died For, the main characters all appear to be heading to a concert at the museum where Dr. Pierre Chang is the curator. His son, Miles, is going to be there, as is Charlotte Lewis; most notably, Desmond Hume breaks Kate Austen out of jail so they can go, for no immediately known reason. Desmond also breaks Sayid Jarrah out of jail, with the help of Hugo Reyes and who?
Libby Smith
Michael Dawson
Boone Carlyle
Ana-Lucia Cortez
23. Episode 16: The Man in Black once again gets to prove he’s a stone-cold killer in this episode, slicing the throat of Charles Widmore’s remaining lackey, Zoe. However, he needs someone else to wipe out the rest of the candidates to protect the Island. Who, apparently, accepts this job?
Benjamin Linus
Miles Straume
Richard Alpert
Frank Lapidus
24. Episode 17: Yes, friends, it’s really here. This question and the next one are the last ones to do when it comes to Lost, because this episode, the series finale, is called The End. On the Island, the Man in Black (in the guise of John Locke) needs to get Desmond Hume to come with him, so he can destroy the Island. The Man in Black finds out that which two people got Desmond Hume out of a nearby well?
Ben and Miles
Jack and Kate
Hurley and Sawyer
Rose and Bernard
25. Episode 17: This one’s pretty simple (and after six years, why not something easy, right?): Jack says that, when he and Locke go to the cave with the light Jack must protect, he will kill Locke. How does Jack kill Locke?
He slits Locke’s throat.
He shoots Locke in the back.
After Kate shoots Locke in the back, he kicks Locke off a cliff.
Locke kills himself by jumping off a cliff.

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