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How Well Do You Know: Breaking Bad: Season Two
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Breaking Bad Season 2 quiz

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1. "Seven Thirty-Seven": What does the title of the episode refer to?
The time of day when Tuco kidnaps Walt in Jesse's car
The amount of money, in thousands, Walt hopes to make from dealing meth
The bus number Walt Jr. takes to get to school
The type of plane Marie flies to visit her family
2. "Seven Thirty-Seven": Walt spends the night on the sofa instead of in bed with Skylar. Why?
He's on the lookout for Tuco
He's waiting for Jesse to show up
He's thinking how best to cook more meth
He's stressed about upcoming tests and, possibly, surgery
3. "Grilled": Walt and Jesse nearly poison Tuco as planned when Tuco entertains the thought of sampling the meth. He resists, though, when Jesse says its "head cheese" smell is due to a secret ingredient, _____.
Chili powder
Lemon grass
4. "Grilled": Uncle Tio tries to warn Tuco that Walt and Jesse aren't who Tuco thinks they are by ringing a bell. In an effort to prove Tio wrong, Jesse says Tio is ringing his bell because _____.
Tio is hungry
Tio has to go to the bathroom
Jesse is sitting in the wrong chair
Walt turned off his soap opera
5. "Bit by a Dead Bee": Bryan Cranston stripes down to his birthday suit in this episode's opening scene. Where is he?
A pool hall
A library
A supermarket
A gym
6. "Bit by a Dead Bee": For killing Tuco, Hank gets this as a "gift" from his colleagues.
A tortoise shell
A pink teddy bear
Tuco's grill
7. "Down": Walt suggests to his son that they do "something fun." What does that turn out to mean?
Driving practice for Walt Jr.
An afternoon at the driving range
A meal at Walt Jr.'s favorite restaurant
A football game
8. "Down": Where does Jesse spend his first night after getting kicked out of his aunt's house?
The RV
In his red car
9. "Breakage": Over a short period, Hank thinks he hears gun shots, suffers from a dizzy spell and cuts his hand. What's the correct order in which these incidents occur?
Thinks he hears gun shots, suffers from a dizzy spell, cuts his hand
Suffers from a dizzy spell, cuts his hand, thinks he hears gun shots
Cuts his hand, thinks he hears gun shots, suffers from a dizzy spell
Suffers from a dizzy spell, thinks he hears gun shots, cuts his hand
10. "Breakage": Hank gets rid of Tuco's grill. What does he do with it?
He throws it out in the kitchen trash can
He gives it to a young boy on the street
He chucks it into the work dumpster
He tosses it into a river
11. "Peekaboo": Spooge's woman enacts revenge on Spooge when she crushes his head using an ATM. What name did he repeatedly call her before she murdered him?
12. "Peekaboo": The junkies' kid has it rough. Besides the home life, the boy is only able to watch _____ on television.
Soap operas
Korean channels
Fox News
13. "Negro y Azul": Before he admits that his last name is really Pinkman, Jesse tells Jane that his last name is what?
14. "Better Call Saul": _____ begins the first of many guest appearances as attorney Saul Goodman.
Louis C.K.
Bob Odenkirk
Bob Einstein
Michael Chiklis
15. "Better Call Saul": The plan to put "Jimmy In-'N-Out" behind bars to keep the DEA off Walt's tail nearly fails. What goes wrong?
Hank's attention switches to Walt when he spots his car
Badger reports to the wrong street
Badger tries dealing drugs to the wrong guy
The DEA intervenes before Badger can make the deal
16. "4 Days Out": Having four days to wait before he learns the results of his tests, Walt pretends a visit to see _____ so that he can have several uninterrupted days to cook meth with Jesse.
His mother
His father
His sister
An old friend
17. "4 Days Out": Back at the doctor's office, Walt learns that the size of his tumor has _____.
Increased 40%
Increased 80%
Decreased 40%
Decreased 80%
18. "Over": Jesse gets upset when Jane fails to introduce him respectfully to her father. Later, Jane sticks a drawing of a superhero under his door. What's the superhero's name?
Apology Girl
Stupid Face
Upset Annie
The Forgiver
19. "Over": At work, Skyler deliberately knocks over her _____ to get Ted's attention.
Name card
Computer mouse
Her penholder
20. "Mandala": Saul hooks Walt up with a dealer for the 38 pounds of meth that Walt and Jesse cooked. Having an hour to pick up the product and deliver it to a predetermined drop spot, Walt calls Jesse, but he doesn't pick up. Where is he?
Out and about with Jane
In his bed, high as a kite
At Badger's
At a museum
21. "Mandala": Walt breaks down Jesse's door and wakes up Jesse by violently shaking him and pouring water on his face. Where's the meth?
Beyond a wall in the shower
Behind boxes in the basement
Under the kitchen sink
In the grill out back
22. "Phoenix": What does the episode title refer to?
A brand of deodorant
The name of Hank's operation against Heisenberg
A Mars lander
The city in Arizona
23. "Phoenix": Though Skyler thinks Walt is _____, he's really giving Jesse his share of the money and striking conversation with Jane's father in a bar.
Working overtime at school
Having dinner with Gretchen
Buying baby clothes
Buying diapers
24. "ABQ": Jane's burial outfit turns out to be what color?
25. "ABQ": The pink teddy bear, which we've seen in many of season two's episodes, came from where?
A plane
Walt Jr.'s room
A dumpster
We still don't know

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