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How Well Do You Know: Wall Street
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1. A song by this singer plays over the opening credits:
Wayne Newton
Robert Goulet
Frank Sinatra
2. What is the name of the firm that Bud works for at the beginning of the movie?
Jackson, Steinem & Co.
Cantador, Houk and Associates
3. "Leave me alone, will ya? It's the only thing that makes me feel good anymore." When the two meet for the first time in the film, Bud is giving his dad Carl a hard time about this vice:
4. Here's a gimme, sorta: Carl works for an airline whose name is a combination of a:
US President and direction
City and mammal
Bird and car maker
Color and heavenly body
5. Carl discloses that the airline has received this news, which will make it an attractive commodity later in the film:
It's receiving an influx of capital
One of its competitors is going under
It's about to receive a favorable ruling from the FAA
The union has been decertified
6. Bud spends the majority of Gordon Gekko's birthday waiting in his lobby with this gift:
A miniature TV
A 25-pound satellite phone
Cuban cigars
A gold money clip
7. At their first meeting, Gordon acknowledges that Bud has called him this number of days in a row:
8. Gordon tells Bud that if he does well, there will be perks...lots and lots of perks. What is the first perk that Gordon sends him?
A call girl
A commission check
Season tickets to the Knicks
A membership for a racquet club
9. "Ever wonder why fund managers can't beat the S&P 500? 'Cause they're sheep, and sheep get slaughtered." After Bud loses Gekko's money on a bad investment, Gordon dresses him down in this location:
In the back of a limo
In his office
In a locker room
In a swank restaurant
10. What is Gordon's first assignment to Bud with respects to Teldar Paper?
To buy as many shares as he can
To essentially spy on Sir Lawrence Wildman
To manufacture evidence of fraud
To arrange financing of a competitor
11. To counter Wildman, Gordon instructs Bud to buy shares of this type of company (think: "Blue Horseshoe loves....")
Soft drink
12. Wildman, to Gekko during a tense meeting at Gordon's house: "No only would you sell your mother to make a deal...."
"You'd claim the proceeds as a write-off"
"You'd insist on cash up front"
"You'd refuse to throw in an extra pair of her knickers"
"You'd send her C.O.D"
13. "Money never sleeps, pal." Where is Gordon when he places this call to Bud?
In an art gallery
On a beach
On a private jet
In Hong Kong
14. Bud visits an old college buddy, Roger Barnes (James Spader) to give him a tip about Teldar Paper. What does Barnes do for a living?
He's a fellow broker
He's a lawyer
He's a TV repairman
He's a journalist
15. Shortly after meeting with Barnes, Bud poses as a ________ to pilfer information from his files:
Cleaning company supervisor
Night watchman
16. When the firm's sales manager awarded Bud with a corner office, he assessment of Bud begins with (Hint: When Bud is arrested later, the sales manager begins his condemnation with the same words)
"Nothing ever gets by me...."
"The minute I laid eyes on you...."
"Never try to con a con-man...."
"Bud, we go back a long, long way...."
17. "We are smart enough not to buy in to the oldest myth running:" What does Gordon call the oldest myth running?
Hard work
The American Dream
The illusion of wealth
18. What is the name of the trading watchdog body that appears several times in the film?
Securities Net
Trade Safe
19. Gordon delivers his " good" during:
An an appearance on Larry King
An interview with the Wall Street Journal
At a meeting of Teldar Paper stockholders.
A meeting of Anacot Steel stockholders
20. Gordon and Bud pitch their plan to acquire Blue Star to a group of union representatives at Bud's house. Which union isn't represented?
Baggage handlers
Flight attendants
21. While the other union reps are receptive to Gekko's plan, Carl sees right through it and scoffs, quoting this biblical verse:
....whose hearts he turned to hate his people, to conspire against his servants.
And a chariot came up and went out of Egypt for six hundred shekels of silver, and an horse for an hundred and fifty
A man's riches may ransom his life, but a poor man hears no threat.
There came into Egypt a Pharaoh who did not know
22. Bud learns that Gordon is going to break up Blue Star:
From Carl
In a boardroom meeting
By watching a newscast
From Gordon's secretary
23. A farily maudlin reconciliation between Bud and Carl occurs after Papa Fox:
Suffers a stroke
Is hit by a car
Has a heart attack
Suffers an on-the-job accident
24. Entering his firm's suite immediately before he is arrested, Bud greets the secretary (somewhat coincidentally): "Smile, Carolyn,"
Wrongs are about to be righted
There's smooth sailing ahead
We're on easy street from here on out
There's justice in the world
25. After his final confrontation with Gekko, Bud enters a bathroom in a ___________ to turn over his wire to the Feds.
Movie Theater

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