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How Well Do You Know: The Notebook
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The Notebook quiz

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1. What is the date of Noah and Allie's first meeting?
June 6, 1940
July 14, 1941
August 9, 1942
September 1, 1941
2. What is the first thing Noah says to Allie?
"You're beautiful."
"Do you mind if I end this sentence with a proposition?"
"You wanna dance with me?"
"I'm gonna marry you."
3. Where do Noah and his best friend Fin work?
Coal deposit
On a fishing boat
Lumber yard
4. How does Noah get Allie to agree to a date with him?
He threatens to jump into traffic
He sings her a love song in the middle of town
He hangs from the ferris wheel by one hand until she agrees
He offers "Allie the klutz" dancing lessons in exchange for a date
5. What is the name of the movie playing at the theater where Allie and Noah wind up double dating with Fin and Sarah?
Hold That Woman
Lil' Abner
His Girl Friday
6. What does Noah get Allie to do while he walks her home?
sing him a song
lay in the middle of the street
say she's attracted to him
agree to a "real" date
7. Noah asks Allie what she likes to do "for her". What is her answer?
8. The first time Allie visits Noah and his father at their home, Noah is reciting a poem. Who is the author of that poem?
Walt Whitman
Henry Wadsworth Longfellow
Edgar Allan Poe
William Blake
9. How much does Noah say he makes at the lumber yard when asked by Allie's parents?
40 cents/hr.
25 cents/hr.
65 cents/hr.
10. Where is Allie going to school in the fall?
Bryn Mawr
Sarah Lawrence
11. Where do Noah and Allie sneak off to for some, uh, alone time?
the servants quarters at Allie's house
the lumber yard
an abandoned house
the back of his father's pick-up truck
12. The couple's attempt at some romancin' is interrupted by the appearance of:
Noah's father
Allie's mother
13. Allie and her family leave the next day to go back home. Where do they live?
Myrtle Beach
14. Where to Noah and Fin move before enlisting in the war?
15. Noah returns from the war to find quite a surprise...what?
The letters he wrote Allie had all been "returned to sender"
His father sold the house
Fin had not been killed in the war
His father informed him that Allie had returned to see him while he was away fighting
16. How does Allie meet Lon Hammond?
She worked in his family's cotton business during the war
She was a nurse tending to him during the war
They met at a music festival in town
They were set up by a mutual friend
17. Noah sees Allie (and Lon) while in Charleston. Why is Noah there?
He heard she was engaged and when looking for her
He's meeting up with friends he made while fighting in the war
He's burying his father in the family plot in Charleston
He's getting building plans approved
18. How does Allie find out about Noah and the house?
She goes to visit Noah on a whim because she has a feeling she just can't shake
She sees Noah in Charleston with the building plans
It's mentioned in a newspaper next to a society page article about her upcoming wedding
Her mother had heard a rumor that the "nobody" Noah Calhoun went from a shack to a plantation
19. Where is Allie staying when she goes back to see Noah?
Charleston Chalet
Seabrook Inn
New Bedford Bed & Breakfast
Palmetto Place
20. What part of the old, abandoned Windsor Plantation did Noah keep in the new house?
dining room table
21. Noah asks Allie to come back to the house the next morning so he can show her something? What is it?
the wildflower garden
"little Noah"
birds on the water
the kitchen table he had been building
22. Whose visit to the house initially interrupts the Noah-Allie love-fest?
Martha Shaw
Lon Hammond
Allie's mother
someone interested in buying the house
23. What does Mrs. Hamilton give her daughter after driving her back from the coal deposit, where she showed Allie HER forbidden teenage love?
The letters Noah wrote to Allie
the necklace her "forbidden love" had given her many years ago
her blessing in case Allie chooses Noah over Lon
a check for $50,000 to stay with Lon
24. Who is the author of the story of the young Noah and Allie that Duke/Noah had been reading to the dementia-ridden Allie?
Noah and Allie's children
Noah and Allie's grandchildren
25. Uh oh - nepotism! Director John Cassavetes is related to the thespian playing:
older Allie
Allie's mother
older Noah

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