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How Well Do You Know: The Blues Brothers, Part I
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1. The film begins with Jake being released from a prison in which Illinois city?
Calumet City
2. Which of the following was not a belonging that Jake retrieved upon his release?
A broken watch
A soiled prophylactic
A CTA schedule
A pair of sunglasses
3. Jake is upset that Elwood traded the old Bluesmobile for a microphone. Where did Elwood get the police car that Jake eventually grudgingly accepts as the new Bluesmobile?
He stole it from the impound
He bought it at the police auction
He raided a salvage yard
He hauled it out of the river
4. The first place that Jake and Elwood go to visit after leaving the prison is:
A church
A restaurant
An orphanage
A pawn shop
5. Before beating them with a yardstick, The Penguin informs the Blues that she needs what amount of money to save the orphanage?
6. The name of the church where Jake felt the calling upon listening to a sermon by Reverend Cleophus was:
Bleeding Heart
Limited Hope
Salvation Fields
Triple Rock
7. Which is not part of SCMODS?
8. The first store that the Bluesmobile barrels into during the epic chase through the mall is a:
Sporting goods store
Nail boutique
Toy store
Record store
9. Having ditched the mall, Jake and Elwood make their way to the hotel in which Elwood lives. Their entrance into the building is impeded by:
The front door being boarded over
A rocket launcher
Abandoned city bus
10. Once Elwood returns home, one of the fellow residents asks for a particular food item. What did Elwood pick up for the man?
Space Food Sticks
Fruit Loops
Peanut butter
11. Elwood falsified his address on his driver's license renewal. He gave the address for:
Richard Daley Plaza
Cook County Correctional Facility
Art Institute of Chicago
Wrigley Field
12. The first member of the band the Blues tracks down is:
Matt "Guitar" Murphy
Mr. Fabulous
"Blue Lou" Marini
13. Mr. Fabulous is the head maitre d' at the:
Chez Paul
Rainbow Room
Two Quail
Boudoir Gourmand
14. Which actor, much more famous later in his career, has a cameo as a waiter at Mr. Fabulous's restaurant?
Carl Weathers
Gary Oldman
John Malkovich
Paul Reubens
15. The crowd assembled at the gathering of the Illinois Nazis can best be described as:
16. Having ordered dry white toast and four whole fried chickens and a coke, the Blues brothers and Matt "Guitar" Murphy discuss _________ at their reunion:
Prison food
Corruption in local politics
The price of records
Chicago Bears greats
17. This is not an instrument that either Ray or the band members plays at Ray's Music Exchange:
Electric piano
18. The band masquerades as which act when they perform at Bob's Country Bunker?
The Slim Reapers
The Good Ole Boys
Joe Bob Joe and the Hounddogs
21 Gun Salute
19. The band meets with Maury Sline, their booking agent, in this unusual location:
A confessional
A steam room
A pool hall
An elementary school gym
20. With the brothers not having shown up to the concert yet, Curtis and the band stall the crowd by playing:
Minnie the Moocher
In the Midnight Hour
Midnight Train to Georgia
Green Onions
21. Seated at the concert, Burton Mercer orders three of these refreshments:
Peppermint Dandies
Chocolate Slides
Almond Fizzes
Orange Whips
22. Held at gunpoint by Carrie Fisher's Mystery Woman, Jake spouted off a stream of excuses for standing her up. Which of the following was not among them?
An old friend came in from out of town
He contracted a venereal disease
He didn't have money for cab fair
23. Put the following in order:
  1. We got a full tank of gas, half a pack of cigarettes
  2. We're wearing sunglasses
  3. It's 106 miles to Chicago
  4. It's dark
D - C- B - A
C - A - D - B
A - B - D - C
C - D - A -B
24. These were the last words of a certain character in the film:
I never learned to tap dance
The brakes aren't working
See you on the other side
I've always loved you
25. The money to save the orphanage delivered, the Blues Brothers are immediately captured. What song does the band fittingly play in prison at the end of the film?
Folsom Prison Blues
Jailhouse Rock
Care of Cell 44
Chain Gang

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