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How Well Do You Know: The Whole Nine Yards
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The Whole Nine Yards quiz

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1. Matthew Perry, who plays Nicholas 'Oz' Oseransky, has what profession in the movie?
X-Ray Technician
2. Oz lives in what Canadian city?
3. When Oz is cutting the grass at the beginning of the movie, he's wearing a shirt with the crest of which hockey team?
Chicago Blackhawks (Oz is from Chicago)
Ottawa Senators (Matthew grew up in Ottawa)
Montreal Canadiens (Movie's location)
Edmonton Oilers (Oz is a HUGE fan of them)
4. Bruce Willis plays a hit man called, "Jimmy 'The ___' Teduski"?
5. What city is Jimmy 'The Tulip' Teduski known to be from?
New York
6. Jimmy 'The Tulip' Teduski was an infamous contract killer for which gang?
7. What tipped off Oz that his new neighbor, Jimmy 'Jones', was really Jimmy 'The Tulip' Teduski, the infamous contract killer?
Jimmy's face
Jimmy's voice
Jimmy's tattoo
A newspaper story
8. When Oz said to Jimmy, "Damn it, Jimmy. What the hell did you have to go and move in next door to me?" what was Jimmy's reason?
He was hiding from the Gogolack gang (they still want him dead)
The soil (there were already little tomato plants growing)
The location (it was just outside of the city)
It's where Witness Protection put him
9. Sophie, Oz's wife, wants him dead. How much is she willing to pay to have him killed?
10. Why does Sophie want Oz killed?
She wants to remarry
Just because
He cheated on her
For the life insurance
11. Who was the first hired killer Sophia recruited?
Special Agent Hanson
12. Sophie convinces Oz to go to Chicago to tell the Gogolak gang where Jimmy 'The Tulip' is now living. Why?
It's the right thing to do
To collect the finder's fee
For revenge
So Oz will get killed and she won't have to pay anyone
13. Oz has no intention of telling the Gogolak gang anything - he just wanted to make it appear that way to appease his wife. Who was waiting in his hotel room when he returned after having lunch with a friend in Chicago?
Frankie Figs
Jimmy the Tulip
Janni Gogolak
14. At the hotel in Chicago, what drink did Oz order from room service, just before he vomited?
15. From Jimmy 'The Tulip's' lips, "Every red-blooded American knows that the only condiment that you are ever supposed to put on a hamburger is ____"?
Pickle Relish
16. When a waiter brings Jimmy a hamburger with mayonnaise on it, Jimmy tells the waiter, "I'm gonna keep the coke and the fries but I'm gonna send this burger back. And if you put any mayonnaise on it, I'm gonna come over to your house..." and do everything to him but this:
Set fire to the house
Kill his dog
Chop off his legs
Watch him drag his bloody stumps out of the door
17. Lazlo Gogolack, Janni's father, set up a trust fund. How much is it worth?
$1 Million
$5 Million
$10 Million
$20 Million
18. To collect the $10 million dollars, three people have to show up to sign for it; or 2 with 1 death certificate; or 1 with 2 death certificates. Which one of these 4 are not part of the agreement?
Jimmy 'The Tulip' Teduski
Frankie Figs
Cynthia Teduski
Janni Gogolak
19. When Jill first met Jimmy, what was the one thing she didn't tell him?
She was a virgin
She followed his career
She was a contract killer
She had killed one other person
20. When Janni Gogolack and his henchmen enter Jimmy's house to kill him, what distracts them?
Jill's nakedness
Jimmy walking out the door
Special Agent runs up to the house
Oz and Cynthia take off in the car
21. The last hitter Sophie had paid to kill Oz was a/n:
Special Agent working undercover
Member of the Gogolack Gang
Freelance assassin
22. What plan does Oz tell Jimmy he has to make it appear Jimmy is dead?
Match Jimmy's dental records with dead agent
Switch identies with one of the Gagolack gang
Find Jimmy's ID in the river
He doesn't, it's Jill who comes up with one
23. Where does Oz plan on taking Jimmy to be safe, until the $10 million is transferred?
Ball Park
Art museum
24. Instead of the Art Museum, Jimmy has other plans. To where do he and Frankie Figs take Oz?
To the bank
To a private yacht
To Jimmy's house
To Oz's work place
25. Of the $10 Million Jimmy got, how much of it did he give to Cynthia and Oz as a wedding present?
$1 million
$5 million

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