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How Well Do You Know: 2009-10 Television Season
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1. Every year one series must get the distinction of the first one being cancelled. This fall it was ______ after only 2 shows aired.
The Beautiful Life
Accidentally on Purpose
2. Speaking of notorious TV cancellations, let's talk Southland. What was unique about NBC axing the series?
It happened on the same day it received an Emmy nomination
NBC had to drop the show because the entire cast walked off
It was canceled before even one episode of season 2 aired
NBC made Jay Leno deliver the news during his show
3. After 8 seasons, 6 Emmy awards and 9 more Emmy nominations, another dearly departed series closed up shop in the fall of 2009. Which one are we referencing here?
King of the Hill
4. Basic cable subjected the world to The Situation and something called Snooki. What show are you watching if you have any idea what we are talking about?
Man vs. Wild
The Hills
America's Best Dance Crew
Jersey Shore
5. If you had been missing out on Everybody Loves Raymond, you could have watched all of these stars on others shows in 2009, except which one?
Peter Boyle
Ray Romano
Patricia Heaton
Brad Garrett
6. There was a ton of coverage about Russell losing to Natalie on Survivor: Samoa but what about the third person in the final three. Who was this nonfactor that didn't get a single vote?
7. While Russell proved to be a two-time loser on his back-to-back seasons of Survivor, which player is now a two-time winner after getting the votes at the end of Heroes vs. Villains?
8. For the year, which major network didn't score a single new show in the top 10 new shows that premiered in 2009?
9. You know names Jon and Kate but what about the Plus 8 that we wish were old enough to be legally emancipated from their parents. The girls are Cara, Madi, Hannah, Alexis, and Leah. Which of these is NOT a Gosselin son?
10. The teams that won seasons 15 and 16 of The Amazing Race were _______ and _______ respectively.
Sisters / Married
Dating / Brothers
Best friends / Best friends
Dating / an estranged couple
11. Smallville is still chugging along after all these years and hasn't shunned tapping into the DC canon for characters. Which member of the Justice League made a guest appearance in 2009?
The Flash
The Wonder Twins
Green Lantern
12. It's time for TV math:

Add the number of seasons that The Simpsons and Law & Order have been on the air (starting in Fall 2009) and multiply by the number of series created by Seth McFarlane are currently on the air.
13. What didn't happen to The Office's Jim in 2009-2010 season?
He married Pam
He got promoted to co-manager
He got drunk and kissed Erin, the new receptionist
He became a father
14. Jack Bauer gets a change of scenery. The 2010 season of 24 shifted the action from its normal locale in L.A. to the city of ______.
New York
15. Modern Family was one the few new shows to clearly break out with strong ratings and high critical praise. Which of these people did NOT guest star on the comedy's freshman season?
Shelley Long
Edward Norton
Minnie Driver
Katey Sagal
16. After the failed Jay Leno Show experiment in primetime, NBC had to fill that time with new episodes of currently running shows. Which of these did NOT fill the 10 p.m. (EST) timeslot post-Leno flameout?
The Marriage Ref
Law & Order: SVU
17. Once the bastion of hip comedy and now the home of meh 'comedy,' Saturday Night Live did offer diverse host/musical guest pairings. Which of these did not appear on the same show?
Betty White/Jay-Z
Ryan Reynolds/Lady Gaga
Megan Fox/U2
Samuel Jackson/Lady Antebellum
18. An actor playing which role in the movie version of Watchmen graced the small screen in a new series this season?
Nite Owl
Silk Spectre
Dr. Manhattan
19. Humorous episode titles are part of this TV series schtick. Which show's 2009-2010 season had episodes titled: "Good God, Ya'll" "I Believe the Children are Our Future" "Swap Meat" and "99 Problems."
Better Off Ted
30 Rock
20. Glee was one of the most talked-about series of the 2009-10 TV season. What month did its first episode air?
January 2010
August 2009
September 2009
May 2009
21. Lost closed out its six year run with its finale that aired on May 23. 13.5 million viewers in the US watched the last episode, which was named:
The End
All That Is Left Unsaid
Secrets and Lies
The Last True Thing
22. Those who had the fortitude to actually watch the few episodes that aired will probably tell you that the short-lived series Happy Town was probably the worst TV program they've ever seen. They might be able to tell you that this was the actual name of the town in which the wretched series was set:
Shockingly, Happy Town
23. FX's Justified was a gem of a program. The Timothy Olyphant show was based on a short story by which writer?
Richard Matheson
James Patterson
Elmore Leonard
Truman Capote
24. The cancellation of the original Law and Order series left the Dick Wolf-created program:
1 year short of tying the record for longest running television drama
Tied for the longest running television drama
1 year short of tying the record for the longest running TV program
Tied for the longest running TV program
25. Which program aired in the coveted slot immediately following the Super Bowl in January 2010?
Undercover Boss
The Simpsons
26. Each of these was the setting for and edition of MTV's The Real World which aired in either 2009 or 2010, except for:
Washington, D.C.
27. If you enjoyed a show this season that featured alumni from Law and Order, Gilmore Girls, ER and Sports Night, then you tuned in to:
The Good Wife
Cougar Town
Ghost Whisperer
28. The grim reaper must be the head of ABC casting because not only did they log many deaths on Lost but whats other show killed off an original cast member this season?
Modern Family
Brothers and Sisters
Desperate Housewives
Grey's Anatomy
29. May 2010 crowned the winners of four high profile reality shows. Which of these combos is correct for the recent batch of winners on American Idol - Dancing with the Stars - Celebrity Apprentice - The Biggest Loser?
Crystal - Nicole - Holly - Shelly
Lee - Evan - Bret - Michael
Crystal - Erin - Bret - Michael
Lee - Nicole - Bret - Michael
30. The end of an era for American Idol arrived with Simon Cowell's departure this season. His final show featured a massive sing-a-long with almost every American Idol champ. Who was a no-show at the live show?
Carrie Underwood
David Cook
Kelly Clarkson

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