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How Well Do You Know: Finding Nemo
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1. How many stripes does Marlin have?
2. What is the name of Nemo's mom?
3. Who saves Marlin and Dory after the jellyfish incident?
4. What is the first impression that the school of fish makes?
Sting ray
Sword fish
5. What color is Bubbles, the tank fish who really likes bubbles?
Light blue
6. At the shark meeting, how long has it been since Bruce last ate a fish?
4 hours
5 days
2 weeks
3 weeks
7. What is the name on the scuba mask that reveals the identity of the dentist?
B. Schwartz
C. Smith
P. Sherman
T. Sherwood
8. And what is the address, in Sydney, listed on the scuba mask?
14 Pike Place
42 Wallaby Way
54 Koala Court
66 Terrapin Trail
9. The joke that Marlin always tries to tell is about a mollusk and a what?
Electric eel
Sea cucumber
10. What makes Bruce go crazy at the shark meeting?
Dory gets a bloody nose
Dory forgets Bruce's name
Marlin loses the scuba mask
Marlin tells a joke
11. Which of the following does not happen during Darla's chaotic visit to the dentist?
Darla bangs on the glass of the aquarium tank
Darla shakes Nemo in the plastic bag
Gil gets flushed down the sink
Nemo pretends to be dead in the plastic bag
12. How old is Crush?
13. What is the nickname given to Nemo by his tank friends?
Jelly Man
Shark Bait
14. What does Darla's t-shirt read?
Fish 'R Friends
Hot Stuff
Rock & Roll Girl
Too Cute
15. The famous music from what classic film plays when Darla enters the dentist office?
Raiders of the Lost Ark
2001: A Space Odyssey
16. Which veteran of hit TV series Cheers served as the voice of the fish school?
John Ratzenberger
Kelsey Grammer
Ted Danson
Woody Harrelson
17. What must Nemo do at the tankhood initiation?
Jam a stone into the filter
Survive the tunnel of death and despair
Swim through the ring of fire
Swim to the top of Mount Wanna-hock-a-loogie
18. What word do the seagulls repeatedly chant?
19. Who do the sharks hate?
Dolphins, they think they're so cute
Seagulls, they're so noisy
Sea turtles, they act so cool
Whales, they're so big and fat
20. What is the correct order of these events from Marlin and Dory's journey: Go to the shark's meeting; Meet the fish school; Get chased by an anglerfish; Go through the swarm of jellyfish?
1) Anglerfish; 2) Sharks; 3) Jellyfish; 4) Fish school
1) Fish school; 2) Sharks; 3) Jellyfish; 4) Anglerfish
1) Sharks; 2) Jellyfish; 3) Anglerfish; 4) Fish school
1) Sharks; 2) Anglerfish; 3) Fish school; 4) Jellyfish

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