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How Well Do You Know: District 9
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the one question sucked because there were clearly 2 answers, it was the one with the answer being Wikus' suprise party, it was a suprise party, but it was celebrating a promotion, so there were two choices I had "suprise party" and "promotion ceremony" I picked promotion ceremony and it was wrong, when infact it was a suprise promotion ceremony, the creator should change that, its gonna piss more ppl off lol..other than that the quiz rocked, the movie is FREAKIN' amazing!LOOOVE IT! :)
meloddic 9/10/11 3:23 pm


1. For what organization does Wikus work?
Multiconglomorate National Defense
MNU Alien Affairs
CIV Multinational
SFA Directorate
2. The prawns' ship came to rest over this South African city:
Cape Town
Port Elizabeth
3. The action in the film begins as what is about to happen?
The prawns ship had regained power
Wikus is about to be appointed director
The prawns are about to be eradicated
The prawn are about to be relocated
4. Wikus is named to head the relocation effort by the organization's managing director, Piet Smit, who is Wikus's:
Former university roommate
5. On-hand for the relocation are armed mercenaries, who Wikus dubs:
6. The prawns are extremely fond of this unlikely substance:
Creamed corn
Motor oil
Cat food
Cake frosting
7. The slum is home to a gang led by a warlord of this nationality:
8. MNU, itself a weapons manufacturer, is extremely interested in the alien weapons, but:
MNU has been unable to find any alien weapons
Humans cannot activate the alien weapons
The prawns' weapons emit a poisonous gas when fired
MNU is afraid to seize weapons less war with the prawn results
9. Wikus is exposed to the fluid that starts his transformation when:
He tries to open a canister that he finds
He is shot with a prawn weapon
One of the prawn splashes the fluid on him
Christopher Johnson sneezes on him
10. On a lunch break, Wikus begins to ooze black stuff from:
His ears
His fingers
His mouth
His nose
11. The warlord believes that he can activate the prawns' weapons:
By severing their limbs and using them to fire the weapons
By consuming alien body parts
If he mates with one of the prawns
By collecting enough of them
12. Wikus is admitted to the hospital when he becomes quite sick during this event:
A surprise party
His promotion ceremony
A second outing to serve eviction notices
A football match
13. This body part of Wikus's is the first to become prawn-like:
His left arm
One of his ears
His right leg
His neck
14. Wikus won't fire the prawn weapons voluntarily, so MNU officials:
Drug him
Shock him with electricity
Fed him cat food
Subject him to very loud music
15. Wikus escapes from the facility in which he is being held when:
The power goes out
The prawn set off an explosion in the facility
Techs are about to harvest his tissue
Smit orders his restraints to be loosened
16. What is hidden underneath Christopher Johnson's shack?
The command module for the space ship
A weapons cache
A prawn medical facility that could stop Wikus's transformation
A nest of prawn embryos
17. Wikus goes to the warlord to buy weapons, but the warlord seizes Wikus and wants to cut off his arm. Wikus manages to escape because:
Christopher Johnson fires on the warlord's men
Wikus fires one of the prawn weapons
The warlord's shack is fired on by the soldiers on the ground
The warlord's shack is fired on by a helicopter
18. Wikus and Christopher Johnson stage a raid on MNU headquarters. Why?
To free the prawns that are being held there
To retrieve the canister of black fluid
To retrieve more alien weapons
In retaliation for the experimentation Wikus had to endure
19. Returning to District 9 after the raid, what causes Wikus to knock Christopher Johnson out?
Christopher will not tell Wikus how to activate the command module
Christopher says he must save his people before he can help Wikus
Christopher has made a deal with the warlord
Christopher has made a deal with the Cowboys
20. Wikus pilots the command module, but it flies for only a short amount of time. Why?
The Cowboys shoot it down
The warlord shoots it down
The fluid used for power does not last long
Wikus sees the Cowboys have taken Christopher and Wikus returns to save him
21. The Cowboys have taken Christopher Johnson and Wikus, but the convoy comes under fire from:
The prawn
The warlord's gang
The mother ship
22. Working from the command module, Christopher Johnson's sons successfully works controls, which bring about all of the following, except:
The mothership becomes active
A remotely controlled weapon saves Wikus from the warlord
A sonic blast rocks the city
The command module one again becomes navigable
23. Christopher Johnson estimates it will take him this long to travel to his home planet and return for Wikus:
90 days
3 years
30 years
15 years
24. Koobus, the leader of the Cowboys, meets his end when:
Wikus kills him with the walking-armored suit
The warlord's met shoot him
Several prawns converge on him
Christopher Johnson fires a weapon from the mother ship
25. At the end of the film, Wikus's wife says that she found something left on her doorstep, and wonders whether or not it was from Wikus. The item was a hand-made:

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