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How Well Do You Know: Apocalypse Now Redux
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Apocalypse Now quiz

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The music that opens Apocalypse Now is:
The End, by the Doors
Paint it Black, by the Rolling Stones
White Rabbit, by Jefferson Airplane
Run Through the Jungle, by Credence Clearwater Revival
Our protagonist, Captain Willard is in Saigon waiting for a mission. He’s not handling it well, and cuts his hand:
punching a mirror
in a bar fight
playing knife games
because cutting is what he does when he’s bored
Willard is ordered to ComSec Intelligence in Nha Trang, where be is briefed by (among others) Colonel Lucas, played by:
James Caan
Bruce Dern
Harrison Ford
John Cazale
Williard is ordered to terminate the command of Colonel Kurtz – with:
complete secrecy
extreme prejudice
utter disregard for protocol
his bare hands
Williard is to go upstream on a Navy patrol boat. Among the crew is Gunner’s Mate 3rd Class, aka Mr Clean, is played by a very young:
Denzel Washington
Harry Lennix
Samuel L. Jackson
Laurence Fishburne
Willard and the patrol boat rendezvous with the 1/9 AirCav, whose commander (played by Robert Duvall) is Lt. Col:
Frank Bloodgood
Ted Pierce
Bill Kilgore
Tom Slaughter
Willard has arrived in the middle of an AirCav assault. Kilgore likes to let the enemy know who killed the dead by leaving what souvenir?
playing cards
the Bible
Kilgore is revealed to be an avid fan of what sport?
target shooting
ballroom dancing
Willard convinces Kilgore to attack “Charlie’s point”. What music does Kilgore play as the AirCav assaults the village?
Verdi’s La Donna é Mobile
Bizet’s Toreador Song
Wagner’s Ride of the Valkyries
Rimsky-Korsakoff’s Flight of the Bumblebee
One last question about Kilgore – he loves the smell of napalm in the morning, it smells like what?
Back on the patrol boat and upriver, Chef Hicks fantasises about:
Jacqueline Bisset and pineapples
Jayne Mansfield and papayas
Raquel Welch and mangoes
Brigitte Bardot and bananas
Our merry crew become distinctly happier when their journey takes them to a USO show featuring Playboy Playmates at:
Hau Pha
Hau Phat
Hau Cum
Hau Dum
According to one of the characters in the movie, what is the “loneliest experience you can imagine”?
being a leader of men
killing without feeling, living without judgment
being clear in one’s mind
being Playmate of the Year
Willard arranges for an exchange: some fuel for some time with the Playmates for the crew. Miss December (who is now Miss May) is turned on by:
Southern accents
barnyard noises
the smell of petrol
The patrol boat crew searches a passing sampan. Unfortunately, a young woman makes a sudden move for a barrel, and the patrol boat crew kill everyone on the sampan. What was in the barrel?
a grenade
a doll
a small child
an adorably cute puppy
Our crew arrive at Do Lung bridge, the last army outpost on the Nung River and the asshole of the world. What is the name of the CO?
there isn’t one
At Do Lung, the crew picked up a mail package from home, which includes a newspaper for Chef. Who’s on the cover?
Richard Nixon
Charles Manson
General Westmoreland
Jane Fonda
The patrol boat catches the attention of the VC, who launch a rocket attack from the shore. Which crew member dies?
Chief Phillips
Chef Hicks
Mr Clean
Lance Johnson
It was Mr. Clean. To make his death extra sad, he was killed while:
talking about his plans for when he gets home
listening to a taped message from his mother
showing the crew a picture of his sweetheart
losing his virginity
Willard and crew arrive at a French plantation, whose leader is played by which actor?
Alain Delon
Jean-Paul Belmondo
Christian Marquand
Jean Gabin
During an attack on the boat by Montagnard villagers, Chief Phillips is killed by:
an arrow
a poison dart
a spear
a rock
Willard and crew arrive at Kurtz’s outpost, where he is greeted by Dennis Hopper, playing an unnamed, crazed:
drug dealer
CIA agent
What causes Dennis Hopper to explain that sometimes Kurtz goes too far?
the bodies
the arms and legs
the heads
the genitals
According to Kurtz, Willard is:
an errand boy, sent by grocery clerks, to collect a bill
a mailman, sent by bureaucrats, to deliver a message
an auditor, sent by bankers, to close an account
a delivery boy, sent by Domino’s, to bring a pepperoni
Willard is imprisoned. When Kurtz visits him in the night, whose head does he drop in Willard’s lap?
Dennis Hopper’s
Colby’s (the last man sent to kill Kurtz)
Kurtz tells a story to describe the horrors. What Vietcong atrocity does it involve?
an entire village that was burned alive
the amputation of childrens’ limbs
the live burial of prisoners
the killing of a sacred elephant
Kurtz’s monologue of the horrors includes three of the following phrases. What is the odd one out?
“...a diamond bullet right through my forehead...”
“...horror and moral terror are your friends...”
“’s judgment that defeats us...”
“...why would a nice guy like you want to kill a genius?...”
Willard is allowed to escape and is given a weapon. His assassination of Kurtz is intercut with the ritual sacrifice of:
a goat
a wild pig
a water buffalo
a monkey
Kurtz’s last words are:
“Forgive me.”
“The horror.”
“Tell my son everything.”
“At last.”
Bonus Question: Apocalypse Now does not have opening or closing credits, but the title of the film is featured:
in Willard’s military intelligence briefing
in Kurtz’s mad poetry
on the rear machine gun of the patrol boat
as graffiti scrawled at Kurtz’s outpost

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