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This movie frequently describes people by the things that give them pleasure and things that do not. What is not one of the things that Amelie’s father, Raphael, likes?
peeling large strips of wallpaper
lining up his shoes and polishing them
emptying out his tool box, cleaning it thoroughly, then putting everything back in
picking his nose when he thinks nobody is watching him
And what is not one of the things Amelie’s mother, Amandine, explicitly dislikes?
puckered fingers in the bath
when a man is humiliated in front of his child
having her hands touched by others
pillow-marks on her face when she wakes up
Unfortunately for young Amelie, her parents are distant people and her only friend is her goldfish. Adding insult to injury, the goldfish is:
A neighbour convinces Amelie that every time she takes a photo with her camera, an accident happens. When she discovers the truth, how does she get her revenge?
by disassembling his bathroom doorknob and putting it back the other way round
by slipping large amounts of salt into his brandy decanter
by repeatedly unplugging the TV antenna while he is watching a soccer game
by setting his alarm for 4 a.m.
Sadly, Amandine is killed when she is struck by a tourist from Quebec who has flung herself from the top of:
Notre Dame Cathedral
the Arc de Triomphe
the Eiffel Tower
the Centre Georges Pompidou
Now grown up, Amelie has a job as a waitress at a bar in Montmartre, the:
Café des Deux Magots
Café des Deux Moulins
Café des Deux Fleurs
Café des Deux Oiseaux
Suzanne, the owner of the café, used to be:
a lounge singer
a circus performer
a mime
an exotic dancer
Georgette, the tobacconist at the café, is a:
Joseph is the former lover of Gina, another waitress at the café. Aside from spying on her, the only thing he likes is:
cracking his fingers
watching sportsmen who cry from disappointment
popping the bubbles of plastic wrappings
seeing bullfighters get gored
Amelie finds that boyfriends do not live up to expectations. However she enjoyed all sorts of simple pleasures, not including:
dipping her hand into sacks of grain
cracking the crust of crème brulée with a teaspoon
walking barefoot on fluffy rugs
skipping stones on the Canal Saint-Martin
Amelie still shelters in solitude and asks herself silly questions about the world or about the town. For example, how many couples are having an orgasm right now?
Amelie’s shock at the death of Lady Di leads to the discovery of:
a cache of ancient love letters
a treasure that had been hidden by a little boy
a hidden murder confession
a collection of marbles
Obviously the little boy is now grown up, and Amelie revolves to track him down. After a bit of legwork, she learns his name is:
Raymond Dufayel, known as “the Glass Man” because of his brittle bones, paints a new version of what painting every year?
Luncheon of the Boating Party, by Renoir
The Luncheon on the Grass, by Manet
The Dance Class, by Dégas
Sunday Afternoon on the Island of Le Grande Jatte, by Seurat
Bretodeau cooks a chicken every Tuesday. After carving it, he cleans up the bones with his fingers, starting with:
the wings
the wishbone
the oyster
the parson’s nose
At several points in the film, Amelie is seen collecting:
paper clips, for adding to a chain
smooth rocks, for skipping on water
brightly coloured rubber bands, for adding to a ball
stamps that have pictures of dogs on them
At various points in his life, Nino has collected all but which of the following?
photographs of footprints in fresh cement
discarded photos from passport photo booths
tape recordings of peoples’ funny laughs
telephone numbers from bathroom walls
Seeing two lonely people, Amelie acts as a secret matchmaker for Joseph and:
Georgette, the tobacconist
Philomene, the air hostess
Suzanne, the café owner
Gina, the waitress
Amelie plays a series of practical jokes on the bullying grocer, Mr Collignon, which does not include:
swapping his toothpaste with foot cream
replacing his slippers with identical but smaller slippers
stealing his garden gnome, smashing it and mailing him the pieces one at a time
putting the Psychiatric Hotline on his speed dial
Amelie’s father receives a series of photos from all over the world featuring:
his somewhat racist lamp
his goldfish
his garden gnome
his wife’s music box
Amelie has found Nino’s photo album. She calls up his workplace to return it, only to be asked:
if she loves the Good Lord Jesus
it she will be buying more than four ounces
if she will be bringing her own camel
if she is over 18, and shaved
In addition to his job at Palace Video, King of Porn, Nino has another job at the fun fair:
candy floss maker
shooting range operator
skeleton in a haunted house
carousel operator
Amelie arranges to return the photo album to Nino at:
the Louvre
the Sacre-Coeur Basilica
Père Lachaise Cemetery
the Luxembourg Gardens
In her imagination, why does Amelie say that Collignon the grocer will never be a vegetable?
because artichokes have hearts
because lettuce have brains
because cauliflowers have heads
because onions have brighter bulbs
Another of Amelie’s guardian angel schemes is directed at her landlady, Madame Walace. Which is it?
a series of videos left under her doormat
a collection of photos from her glory days as a ballerina
a fake letter from her now-dead ex-husband seeking reconciliation
a visit from a handsome plumber to fix her pipes
Nino is late for Amelie’s plan to reveal the mystery man who appears repeatedly in Nino’s album. Amelie can think of two explanations: that he didn’t find her picture and:
he was taken hostage
he was in an accident and got amnesia
he became a muhajadeen fighter
all of the above
The mystery man in Nino’s photo album is:
afraid of being forgotten
obsessed by the fear of getting old
a ghost, who appears after the film has been developed
the passport photo booth repairman
Nino seeks Gina’s help in meeting Amelie. Gina thinks he cannot be a bad person because he knows about:
world capitals
scenes from romantic movies
how to please a lady
Amelie and Nino are together, and making out. Who is watching them through the video camera?
the Glass Man
Lucien, the grocer’s assistant
Suzanne, the café owner
Mr. Collignon, the grocer
And everyone is happy, even Hipolito the failed writer. Why?
he receives a letter from a magazine agreeing to publish his story
he sees an attributed quote of his graffittied on a wall
he sees a signed copy of his manuscript for sale in a collectibles store window
he is going to write Amelie’s story

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