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How Well Do You Know: Live and Let Die
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Live and Let Die quiz

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The pre-credits sequence for Live and Let Die does not feature Bond, but three murders of three British agents. Where does a murder not take place?
a crocodile farm
the United Nations
a New Orleans funeral
a voodoo sacrifice
Who performs the theme song for Live and Let Die?
Rory Storm and the Hurricanes
Paul McCartney and Wings
The Plastic Ono Band
The Travelling Wilburys
M turns up at Bond’s apartment to give him his assignment. Turns out that Bond and Baines, one of the murdered agents, shared the same:
M also drops off Bond’s new watch from Q Branch, which includes:
a laser that can cut through metal
a high-powered magnet
a remote detonator and explosive charge
a two-way radio transmitter
Bond travels to New York and pays a visit to the Oh Cult Voodoo Store, where he purchases:
a candle
a gris-gris (protective charm)
a toy snake
a skull
Bond follows the trail to a restaurant in Harlem called:
Hoppin’ John’s
Fillet of Soul
Suffering Succotash
Colored Greens
Bond is swiftly captured by crime boss Mr Big, and has his future told by a tarot reader named:
Bond asks if he is in the cards. Solitaire turns over:
The Magician
The Fool
The Tower
Bond asks about his future, and Solitaire tells him to turn over a card. What is it?
The Hanged Man
The Lovers
Henchman Tee Hee Johnson apparently got his nickname for laughing at inappropriate situations. He also has:
a metal arm
a whispered voice
switchblades for hands
a golden eye
According to Mr Big, names is for:
brothers, baby
tombstones, baby
the pigs, baby
honkies, baby
The Voodoo god of cemeteries and Chief of the Legion of the Dead is named:
Baron Dimanche
Baron Jeudi
Baron Samedi
Baron Mercredi
Bond meets CIA agent Rosie Carver, who is worried she’s going to be completely useless. Bond says:
“You just have to put your back into it.”
“I’m sure we’ll be able to lick you into shape.”
“Once you’re in the field, it’ll come to you.”
“Keep grinding away and you’ll do fine.”
Bond and Rosie receive a threatening voodoo message in their hotel bedroom. How does Bond explain it?
a small doll made by hotel staff from straw and coconut husks to welcome new guests
a hat belonging to a small-headed man of limited means who lost a fight with a chicken
a shoe once owned by a poor blighter who obviously left before he had to pay his hotel bill
a conch shell left by a careless hotel employee who forgot to blow it to summon us for dinner
After Bond and Rosie make love, he reveals he knows she is a double agent for Kananga and threatens to shoot her. Rosie: “You wouldn’t, not after what we’ve just done.” Bond:
“I certainly wouldn’t have done it before.”
“Don’t feel too bad. It’s not as though you were dreadful.”
“Maybe not, if you had put a little more effort into it.”
“If only you had worn what I asked you to.”
Solitaire will lose her psychic gifts when:
she gives birth to her first daughter
her mother’s death at Kananga’s hands is avenged
she breaks her psychic link with Kananga
she loses her virginity
Bond and Solitaire discover Kananga’s poppy fields, and then escape from the police on:
a motorcycle
a fishing boat
a double-decker bus
an airplane that, after a series of collisions, loses its wings
What’s the link between New York gangster Mr. Big and Caribbean dictator Kananga?
Strictly a business relationship
They are lovers
They are brothers
They are the same person
Bond is captured, and Kananga orders that he be taken to the farm. The sign on the farm gate warns that trespassers will be:
What is the name of the crocodile that ate Tee Hee’s arm?
The boat chase through the bayou originally appeared in the script as “Scene 156 - The most terrific boat chase you've ever seen”. What does not happen?
a speedboat fails a jump and crashes into a police car
some henchmen end up in a swimming pool
the boat chase interrupts a wedding
a henchman is sliced up by a speedboat motor
While Bond rescues Solitaire, Quarrel Jr. does the real work and explodes the poppy fields. Quarrell’s father was a character in:
Dr. No
Diamonds are Forever
Kananga dies after:
Bond shoots him with a Colt .45
he falls into a coffin filled with snakes
he swallows a bullet filled with compressed air
his own sharks eat him
Tee Hee interrupts Bond and Solitaire’s train trip, but Bond shoves him out the window. Bond’s flip remark?
“Just being disarming, darling.”
“He was mostly armless.”
“No arm done”
“Best keep out of arm’s way.”
Bonus question: Scriptwriter Tom Mankiewicz had originally planned for Solitaire to be played by a black actress, but the producers settled on English rose Jane Seymour. Who did Mankiewicz want in the role?
Kim Weston
Diana Ross
Donna Summer
Tammi Terrell

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