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How Well Do You Know: Never Say Never Again
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Never Say Never Again quiz

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In the opening sequence, Bond is on a training mission to rescue a Brazilian millionaire’s daughter. What weapon does he not use:
machine gun
Bond fails the training mission because:
his gun jams
he steps on a landmine
he is stabbed by the Brazilian heiress
it was an unwinnable scenario
There’s a new stiff, upper-crust M, played by which British actor?
Edward Fox
Ian McKellen
John Gielgud
Christopher Lee
Bond tells Moneypenny that his mission from M is to eliminate all:
SPECTRE agents
free radicals
terrorist groups
Communist sleeper cells
Meanwhile, SPECTRE is hatching an evil plot. Evil! Who plays Blofeld?
Maximilian Schell
Omar Sharif
Max von Sydow
Peter O’Toole
SPECTRE’s evil plot is named:
The Cup of Christ
The Buddha’s Hand
The Tears of Allah
The Wrath of God
Bond comes across SPECTRE’s plan by coincidence, and is ambushed by an enormous henchman, but manages to gain the upper hand by throwing what in the henchman’s face?
hydrochloric acid
his own urine
SPECTRE’s plan is to replace dummy nuclear warheads and steal them. They achieve this by using an exact duplicate of the US President’s:
thumb to pass a fingerprint check
voice box to pass a voice recognition scan
eye to pass a retina scan
forearm to pass a secret handshake test
Jack Petachi, in whom the fake eye was implanted, is killed after his “nurse” throws a what in his car?
smoke bomb
homing beacon
Petachi’s “nurse”, played by Barbara Carrera, is named:
Kitty Stroker
Gala Brand
Fatima Blush
Courtney Cox
In charge of the SPECTRE operation is Number One, Maximilian Largo, who is played by:
Rutger Hauer
Klaus Maria Brandauer
Jean Reno
Klaus Kinski
Q, errr… for copyright reasons, I mean “Algernon”, is particularly pleased to see Bond back and hopes that:
“You will bring it back in one piece this time, won’t you Bond?”
“Nothing will explode unexpectedly.”
“Your wristwatch won’t explode this time.”
“We’ll see some gratuitous sex and violence.”
Domino, Jack Petachi’s brother and Largo’s mistress, is played by a pre-fame:
Sharon Stone
Geena Davis
Kim Basinger
Kim Cattrall
MI6’s bumbling man in Nassau is played by none other than Rowan Atkinson. What is the character’s name?
Colin Fotherington-Smythe
Nigel Small-Fawcett
Simon Willoughby-Gray
Oliver Brooke-Hampton
After making love to Bond, Fatima Blush tries to have him killed using:
an exploding toilet
a lava vent
a cryogenic chamber
sharks attracted by a homing beacon on his scuba gear
In this movie, Bond’s American counterpart Felix Leiter is played by this actor, pictured above:
Richard Roundtree
Bernie Casey
Jim Brown
Jim Kelly
Bond meets Domino by impersonating her:
hair stylist
tango instructor
speedboat driver
Bond and Largo compete head to head in a video game called:
World Conquest
Fatima is about to kill Bond. What does she want him to do before he dies?
dance for her
beg to die quickly
hand over the nuclear bomb detonator
write a note saying that making love to her was the greatest pleasure in his life
Finding that Domino has learned of her brother’s death and betrayed him, Largo arranges:
for her to be frozen alive
for her to be tortured
for her to be drowned
for her to be auctioned
M calls Bond with the news that they’ve found the first warhead, and the news that if Bond comes through this alive M will:
see that Bond gets a knighthood
introduce Bond to the Queen
give him a month’s holiday
offer lunch at his club
Largo’s boat is called:
the Morning Star
the Flying Saucer
the Artemis
the Nemesis
The location of the second warhead is revealed by:
Largo’s condescending remarks to Bond
a map that Domino stole from Largo’s office
the pendant that Largo gave Domino
a SPECTRE communication to MI6
Bond has retired, but Small-Fawcett delivers the message that M wants him back in action because, without Bond in the Service, he fears for:
the English monarchy
the safety of Britain
the security of the civilized world
the virginity of young girls everywhere
Bonus question: When Ian Fleming didn’t have a good idea for a new James Bond book, he recycled the plot from an old screenplay planned for a Bond TV series. The result was Thunderball, and a suit by one of the co-writers of the script, who came away with movie-making. His name?
Harry Saltzmann
Kevin McClory
Cubby Broccoli
Jack Whittingham

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