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How Well Do You Know: The Karate Kid
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1. The film opens with the LaRussos moving from ________ to ___________.
Bronx, New York / Malibu, California
Newark, New Jersey / Reseda, California
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania / Pomona, California
Jersey City, New Jersey / Bakersfield, California
2. Daniel originally sought our Mr. Miyagi because, upon moving into his apartment, he found that:
The lock on the front door didn't work
The kitchen faucet leaked badly
A bedroom window was broken
The AC didn't work
3. Daniel first caught Ali's eye at a beach party, thanks to his totally boss:
Kite-flying skills
Soccer skills
Sand castle-building skills
Surfboarding skills
4. As Johnny pummels Daniel for the first time in the film at the beach, he does so wearing a jacket of this color:
5. We first hear the mighty bellow of John Kreese as Daniel unwittingly visits the Cobra Kai dojo. Kreese calls out three things that do not "exist in this dojo." Which of the following is not one of them?
6. Kreese's karate philosophy was summed up in this catchy three-point slogan:
Hit hard, hit fast, no witnesses
Use force, use stealth, no weakness
Think first, strike first, prevail always
Strike first, strike hard, no mercy
7. In another encounter with the Cobras, Daniel's ________ gets busted up, so he throws it in the dumpster - only to find the next evening that Mr. Miyagi repaired it:
Roller skates
8. Working on his bonsai trees, Mr. Miyagi tells Daniel that he is from:
The sacred forests of Hokkaido
9. If you're a fan of the movie, you remember that Daniel wore a shower costume to the Halloween party. But can you describe the shower curtain part of the costume?
Green with yellow ducks
White with black stripes
Blue with yellow fish
Red with white polka-dots
10. When the skeleton suit-clad Cobras beat Daniel after the Halloween party, Miyagi in turn thrashed the Cobras. This scene was set:
In a dark alleyway
Against a chain-link fence
Along a river
Against a brick wall
11. Indicating three points on the body, Miyagi stated, "Karate here; karate here; karate never here." Where did he point to as he said this?
His shoulder, his fist, his head
His head, his chest, his fist
His head, his chest, his waist
His fist, his knee, his chest
12. Miyagi takes Daniel to the Cobra Kai, where he strikes this deal with Kreese:
If the Cobras attack Daniel again, Miyagi will rain destruction down upon the entire dojo
Miyagi will pay Kreese if the Cobras leave Daniel alone
The Cobras are to leave Daniel alone until the tournament
If the Cobras hurt Daniel again, Miyagi will fight Kreese
13. Miyagi uses this as a metaphor to explain to Daniel the commitment he'd need to show if he were to learn karate:
Swimming in a river
Walking down a road
Cutting down a tree
Riding a bicycle
14. Daniel is embarrassed when his mother takes him to pick up Ali for their date and:
He knocks on the wrong door
The car won't start
Ali's parents bicker in front of them
He realizes his shoes don't match
15. Daniel caught a fly with a pair of chopsticks on his _____ attempt:
16. During his "training," what task was Daniel instructed to do via a note that Mr. Miyagi left taped to the window?
Painting the house
Sanding the floor
Waxing the cars
Painting the fence
17. What was the correct sequence of the tasks that Miyagi had Daniel perform?
Sand the floor - paint the house - wax the cars - paint the fence
Wax the cars - sand the floor - paint the fence - paint the house
Paint the fence - paint the house - wax the cars - sand the floors
Wax the cars - paint the house - paint the fence - sand the floor
18. Miyagi had Daniel learn balance by:
Standing on a wooden post
Standing in the tide
Riding a roller coaster
Bouncing on a diving board
19. After completing a lesson on the beach, Miyagi returns to his truck to find some ne'er-do-wells loitering nearby. After they refuse to remove these objects from his truck, Miyagi removes them himself:
Glass bottles
Their car keys
Fishing rods
20. The technique that Daniel picked up from Miyagi ("if do right, no can defense") was named after this bird:
21. "First learn ______, then learn _______":
Walk / run
Dodge / punch
Stand / fly
Defense / offense
22. Johnny got Daniel to embarrass himself when the Cobra kissed Ali against her will. Where did this take place?
At a movie theater
At a putt-putt golf place
At a country club
At a school dance
23. Visiting an inebriated Miyagi, Daniel learns this fact about his teacher:
He had been banished from his home country
His wife died during childbirth
His father died during a karate tournament
He had terminal cancer
24. Looking at a picture of Daniel and Ali, Miyagi appraised the couple as:
Meant to be together
Different, but same
Each has the missing part of the other
A lock and a key
25. For his birthday, Miyagi gave Daniel his choice of cars. Daniel picked a convertible that was this color:
26. The film climaxes at a tournament where Johnny faces a number of Cobras. What was the name of the tournament?
Ridgeland Heights Martial Arts Tournament
Pacific Coast Karate Championship
Southern California Marital Arts Showdown
All Valley Karate Championship
27. What was the name of the Cobra that Daniel faced in the semi-final, and whom Kreese instructed to put Daniel "out of commission"?
28. Daniel came || this close to being knocked out of the tournament because of an injury suffered to:
His left knee
His right ankle
His left shoulder
His ribs
29. What was the sequence of points scored before Daniel scored the final point against Johnny to win the tournament championship?
Johnny - Johnny - Daniel - Daniel
Daniel - Daniel - Johnny - Johnny
Johnny - Daniel - Daniel - Johnny
Daniel - Johnny - Johnny - Daniel
30. Who actually handed Daniel the tournament championship trophy?
A referee

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