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How Well Do You Know: Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back
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Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back quiz

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1. The film opens with the initial meeting of Jay and Silent Bob in what New Jersey town in the 70's?
Atlantic Heights
Long Branch
2. Jay and Silent Bob threaten to rough-up a couple of youngsters who have the unmitigated gall to bad-mouth which musical act?
Hall and Oats
The Time
3. The optioning of Bluntman and Chronic for a film is detailed in which magazine?
Stuff 4 Reel
Hollywood Outsider
4. Which studio has secured the rights to Bluntman and Chronic, and is constantly skewered throughout Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back?
Lion's Gate
Sony Pictures Classics
5. Who owns the rights to the Bluntman and Chronic comic?
Holden only
Holden and Banky
Banky only
Holden, Banky and Brodie
6. Holden shows Jay and Silent Bob some of the internet feedback about the Blankman and Chronic project. One of the comments comes from the poster called:
Username 1
Magnolia Fan
Babe Magnet
Poop Shooter
7. Jay and Silent Bob's primary reason for stopping the Bluntman and Chronic movie is:
To preserve the artistic integrity of the product
To ensure they are paid for the use of their likeness
To prevent yet another crappy comic book movie from being made
To stop people on internet from badmouthing them
8. George Carlin plays a hitchhiker who explains to Jay and Silent Bob a secret for securing a ride. The hitchhiker departs in what type of vehicle?
A semi truck
A fire truck
A school bus
An ambulance
9. Jay and Silent Bob get a ride in a vehicle evocative of which TV show?
The A-Team
Fat Albert
Knight Rider
10. The first time that Jay sees Justice, which song plays during his fantasy sequence?
Pour Some Sugar on Me
Bad Medicine
Cherry Pie
Talk Dirty to Me
11. Justice and her cronies are traveling to which town to commit a heist?
Boulder, Colorado
Topeka, Kansas
Lincoln, Nebraska
12. Brent is ejected from the girls' van after Jay gets him to admit that he would get amorous with what type of animal?
13. During the heist, who set off alarm?
14. Jay and Silent Bob free a Orangutan, "the most dangerous animal known to man," from the animal research lab. What was its name?
15. Emerging from the animal lab, Jay and Silent Bob evade the authorities when:
The rest of the animals, freed by Jay and Silent Bob, stampeded out of the building
The girls' van exploded
The girls went speeding by in their getaway car
The diamond exchange building exploded
16. Jay acknowledged himself as the C.L.I.T Commander. In a news segment hosted by Reg Hartner, Federal Wildlife Marshal Willenholly stated that the C.L.I.T was part of which larger criminal endeavor?
The V.U.L.V.A.
The O.R.I.F.I.C.E.
The H.Y.M.E.N.
The L.A.B.I.A.
17. Silent Bob ditches his silence when he explodes at Jay's inability to understand which clue as to the orangutan's whereabouts?
A ticket stub
A billboard
A sign on car
18. Which two E! news personalities appear in a segment stating that Jay and Silent Bob are on their way to the movie studio?
Steve Kmetko and Jules Asner
Jules Asner and Ted Casablanca
Kristin Dos Santos and Steve Kmetko
Ken Baker and Kristin Dos Santos
19. Tracy Morgan has a cameo as a unionized, streetside crack dealer who has a handle that is a type of:
African mammal
Bottled water
20. A sequel to which film is filming on the studio lot?
Reindeer Games
Good Will Hunting
The Last Boy Scout
21. Meanwhile, Jay and Silent Bob recover the orangutan as it has a role in a spin-off for:
Jurassic Park
A Nightmare on Elm Street
22. The actors playing Jay and Silent Bill, er, Bob in the Bluntman and Chronic film are better known for their roles in:
Malcolm in the Middle and Dawson's Creek
The Wonder Years and American Pie
The Wonder Years and Malcolm in the Middle
Dawson's Creek and American Pie
23. Chaka, the director of the Bluntman and Chronic movie, appraise the costumed Jay and Silent Bob as a gay hood ornament and:
Up With People
The poster child for birth control
The color purple
The last American virgin
24. "I think __________ gonna sue somebody!"
Clint Eastwood
Wes Craven
Steven Spielberg
George Lucas
25. Who explains to Banky in very eloquent terms that Jay and Silent Bob are indeed due monetary consideration for the optioning of Bluntman and Chronic to the movie studio?
Silent Bob

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