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Fletch quiz

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1. Fletch's real first name (don't ever call him this) is:
2. Alan Stanwyk claims that he has this type of cancer:
3. The amount that Stanwyk offers to pay Fletch to kill him is:
$1 million
4. Entering the newsrooms, Fletch wears his ________ jersey as ________ was in the wash:
Kareem / Worthy
Magic / Kareem
Worthy / Rambis
Rambis / Magic
5. Fletch doesn't have any of which type of books?
Rubber ball
6. Being examined by Dr. Dolan, Fletch is moved to sing a bar from which song?
Sorry Seems to Be the Hardest Word
Moon River
Nights in White Satin
7. Fletch explains that he passed out because the ______ he saw in the morgue was a spitting image of his dead brother's:
8. What kind of name is Poon?
Southern Eskimo
Comanche Indian
9. Meeting Gail at the tennis club, Fletch claims that his heritage is:
10. Fletch orders a _______ and a steak sandwich and a steak sandwich, and puts the order on the Underhills' bill.
Bloody Mary
Mind Eraser
Sex on the Beach
11. Fletch describes his the car driven by by Arnold T. Pants, Esq. as:
El Camino-sine
12. Fletch dreams that he truly defines grace under pressure, standing ______ (with afro, ________)
6'1" / 6'7"
6'4" / 7' 0"
6' 5" / 6' 9"
6'8" / 7'2"
13. When the police raid the beach, they arrest:
Fat Sam
14. Barely escaping from Jim Swarthout's real estate office, Fletch distracts the dobermans by pointing out:
Helpless kittens
Raw meat
Bunny hand puppets
Defenseless babies
15. Fletch tells Chief Karlin that his occupation is:
Box wine producer
16. Fletch breaks a picture showing the chief with:
Robert DeNiro
Tommy Lasorda
Frank Sinatra
Bill Murray
17. The mechanics that work on Stanwyk's plane say that Alan goes to Utah every other week, but what's strange is:
The Fetzer valve is always stuck
He uses way too much fuel
Stanwyk never actually flies the plane himself
He buys a new plane every year
18. "Come on, guys, it's so simple, maybe you need a refresher's all _________ nowadays!"
Safety lube
Ball bearings
Peanut butter and elbow grease
19. Which cabana at the club does Gail have?
Cabana 1
Cabana 51
Cabana 69
Cabana 9
20. Fletch asks Gail if he can have the towel she is wearing, as his car hit a:
Water buffalo
21. Following Alan, Fletch sees him put what into the trunk of his car?
Cans of gasoline
Bags of money
22. Fletch jumps into a car (that is in the process of being stolen), stating that he is from the:
Anti-Speeding Citizen's Brigade
Department of Automotive Works
Smog Patrol
Highway Rehabilitation Association
23. Which of the following is not true of the high-speed highway chase?
Fletch states that stealing a car isn't even a crime any more
Fletch asks a cop how is herpes is
A police car flips over
Fletch drives the convertible underneath a semi
24. Fletch tries to elude the police at a luncheon honoring:
Oatfield Whitney
Enrico "The Plaza" Palazzo
Fred "The Dorf" Dorfman
Stan "The Boy" Taylor
25. Who was to be sitting next to Alan Stanwyk on his flight to Rio?
Gail Stanwyk
Sally Ann Cavanaugh
Chief Karlin
Gummy and Fat Sam
26. Fletch introduced himself to Stawyk's parents as having the famous name of:
A US president
A movie actor
An NFL quarterback
A rock star
27. Fletch cited as the legal basis for his entering Sally Ann Cavanaugh's house:
Someone in the house was rebroadcasting baseball games without expressed written consent of the commissioner
The mattresses on the bed had no tags
Unwarranted jocularity
The milk had passed its expiration date
28. Describe the costume Fletch wore when he revealed himself as a reporter to Gummy and Fat Sam:
A tie-dye shirt and overalls
A long gown-like garment with a bearded, balding wig
A clown outfit
A pink and blue wet suit
29. During the film, which of the following names did Fletch not use?
Ted Nugent
Igor Stravinsky
Abby Hoffman
Gordon Liddy
30. Leaving the newsroom with Gail, Fletch says that he bets Gail has performed which basketball-related term?
One on one
Reverse stuff
Pick and roll

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